Flex UI 2.0 Enhancements Overview

This summary of features will continue to evolve as we make further enhancements to Flex UI 2.0. For details on how to migrate from Flex UI 1.x.x, see our migration guide. Also refer to the Flex UI Release Notes for v2.x.x for changes not outlined in this table.

Feature Flex UI 1.0 Flex UI 2.0 Enhancements in UI 2.0

Component library

MaterialUI Twilio Paste
Built using Twilio Paste tokens, primitives, components, and compositions that are completely composable.
State management Redux Redux Toolkit New tools provide some guardrails for your state management, helping you set up boilerplate code more easily and with better defaults.
Theme and branding
  • config.colorTheme
  • config.colorTheme.overrides
  • config.theme
  • config.theme.componentThemeOverride
New theming structure promotes consistency, customization, and web accessibility. See Theme and Branding for a list of configuration and property changes.
Plugin development

Built on upgraded components and dependencies. Click on respective Flex version tab to view the example package.json files.

You can now use the Flex Plugin Library which includes ready-to-install plugins.

Messaging channels
  • Conversations SDK
  • Attachments configurable for each messaging channel
  • WhatsApp as a native channel
  • For UI 2.4.x and newer, Facebook Messenger and Google Business Messages as native channels (Public Beta)

While UI 2.0 supports Legacy Messaging, you will need to use Flex Conversations and the new Interactions API. Issues with stale or 1-participant chats have been resolved by Flex Conversations. Read the Getting Started guide for a list of enhanced messaging features.

For a list of identified Chat SDK properties and methods that have changed, been removed or deprecated, see Conversations SDK in the Migration Guide.

Web accessibility N/A WCAG 2.1 AA Enables customers to conform with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 AA with limited development work. See Flex UI web accessibility for more details.
Degraded mode Introduced in 1.31.0 Enabled for all minor versions Flex UI will initialize with limited capabilities, even if some of the components like SDKs (TaskRouter, Conversations, Voice or Sync) are down. See Degraded mode for more details.
User and Activity Controls
  • Programmable component Activity added to MainHeader
  • Deprecated theme for user activity controls
  • Removed Activity controls from the NoTaskCanvas

The User Controls component was split out into two components: user-controls now just refers to the little profile pic widget which opens up a popover with the Logout button, and activity displays the current activity and drops down to allow for selecting a different activity.

These controls have been updated for easier access and improved programmability. As this is a potentially breaking change, see the migration guide for more detailed steps on working with UI 2.0.

Messaging UI MessageInput MessageInputV2 Moving to Flex Conversations offers more customization options for the Messaging UI. There is a new dynamic Component structure and default props. See Flex Messaging UI v2 changes for more details.
TaskRouter SDK wrappers


New Actions and Flex Events

TaskRouter SDK upgraded to ^0.5.9

In Flex UI 2.0, new Flex actions and events have been added to the Flex UI Actions Framework saving the need to access the TaskRouter SDK directly. See New Actions and Flex Events for TaskRouter SDK.
  • Notifications.browser
  • warmTransfer
  • colorTheme
  • Notifications.enabled
  • warmTransfer is removed
  • theme
You need to update your AppConfig structure to utilize the new config structure’s names and capabilities.
DownloadMedia Action Requires a message object in the payload Requires a media file as it uses Twilio Conversations Uses Twilio Conversations under the hood.
InsightsPlayer Actions Convention: InsightsPlayer:<action> Convention: InsightsPlayer<action> See Renamed actions for the full list of renamed Insights Player actions.

Other Flex Actions

  • ApplyListFilters and ApplyListFiltersPayload
  • RemoveListFilters
  • SendMediaMessage and ChatActionSendMediaMessagePayload
  • AttachFile
  • ApplyListFilters and ApplyListFiltersPayload removed
  • RemoveListFilters removed
  • SendMediaMessage deprecated
  • new AttachFiles allows an array of files to be passed
Some Flex actions have been removed, deprecated, and updated for flexibility.
Voice SDK twilio-client twilio-voice

Uses the Voice SDK which allows you to set Opus as your preferred codec. Opus generally requires less bandwidth and provides better audio quality in restrained network conditions.

See Voice SDK on the Migration Guide for details on what's changed.

Flex Events yticaTokenUpdated

yticaTokenUpdated removed

Some Flex events have been removed.

Legacy Dialpad

Native Dialpad introduced in 1.18.0

Flex Dialpad

Legacy Dialpad implementations are no longer supported. Please migrate to the native Flex Dialpad.
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