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A2P 10DLC Direct Brand Registration for Government and Non-Profit Agencies

Government and non-profit agencies are eligible for increased messaging throughput on the T-Mobile network. If you are registering for A2P as a government or non-profit, you will follow the same steps as outlined in the Direct Standard Brand guide, but should make sure to indicate your government/non-profit status when creating your Trust Hub Profile, registering your Brand and choosing your Campaign use-case. Before you begin the registration process, please read through both the Direct Standard Brand guide and the present document to make sure you understand the steps common to all Direct Brand registrations as well as the specific steps necessary for the Governmental and Non-Profit Use Cases.

Note: Nonprofit and Government customers should resister their brand with the Standard brand type (not Low volume standard). This is to ensure you receive the full pricing and throughput benefits.

Complete your TrustHub profile

As you are completing your TrustHub profile, make sure that you enter the following information under "Business Type" and "Business Industry":

For government organizations:

  • Business Type: Non-profit corporation
  • Business Industry: Government

For non-profit agencies:

  • Business Type: Non-profit corporation
  • Business Industry: Not for profit

Register your A2P Brand

To successfully register and unlock increased throughput, it is critically important that you register your A2P Brand correctly and select the correct Company Type. When creating your A2P Brand, make sure to select the following for Company Type:

  • If you are a public sector customer, select Government

  • If you are a non-profit agency, select US Non Profit

In the Twilio Console, you can view the verification status of your brand registration as a non-profit or government agency. If the registration is successfully verified, you'll see the "Special Use Cases" available to your organization.

If your registration is not successfully verified, you will see instructions in the Console about how to submit more information and supporting documentation. The instructions will be dynamic based on the feedback received from The Campaign Registry (TCR).

Verification process for government Brands

Providing accurate information about your agency and selecting Government as the company type during brand registration will trigger automatic vetting of your organization. If confirmed by TCR as a Government entity, the increased throughput mentioned above will be applied.

Verification process for non-profit Brands

Registering as a non-profit will ensure that you are able to qualify for special use cases that are reserved for non-profit entities. These special use cases offer additional pricing and/or throughput benefits.

When registering your brand with the Non-Profit company type, TCR will automatically perform vetting to confirm the specific non-profit tax status of your organization: for example, 501(c)(3), 501(c)(4). The specific 501c status will have an impact on which campaign use cases your non-profit will qualify for.

Examples of this are:

  • 501(c)(3) non-profits will qualify for the Charity/501(c)(3) special use case, which will provide substantial discounts on A2P carrier fees.
  • 501(c)(4), 501(c)(5), and 501(c)(6) non-profits will qualify for the Political special use case, which will provide increased messaging throughput for advocacy-related messaging.

Verification process for 527 political organizations with Campaign Verify

All 527 Political Organizations including political action committees (PACs) sending political communications on behalf of a Federal, State, or Local political campaign must be verified by Campaign Verify in order to onboard successfully onto 10DLC and unlock the "Political" Special Campaign Use Case with increased messaging limits. Campaign Verify is a secure, non-partisan verification solution for US Political organizations who wish to engage with voters via text messaging.

Listed below are some important pieces of information about Campaign Verify registration:

  • There is a one-time $95 fee from Campaign Verify per entity verification per two-year election cycle
  • If a Committee EIN is set during Campaign Verify verification (for state, local, or tribal verification only), this EIN will be cross-referenced with the EIN used to register your A2P brand and must match
  • If you have additional questions about Campaign Verify registration, please refer to their FAQ or email

Campaign Verify Tokens

Verification will involve submitting information about your political organization to Campaign Verify, as well as verifying your identity as an authorized person associated with the political organization. Successfully importing a Campaign Verify token will assert your brand status as a verified 527 Political Organization with the carrier ecosystem.

A 527 organization that does not register with Campaign Verify and provide a token during 10DLC registration will be allowed to register with standard use cases, but will receive the lowest tier of A2P messaging limits and will not qualify for the Political Special Use Case. In addition, you may be subject to penalties from carriers if political messaging traffic is incorrectly registered with standard use cases.

After completing verification with Campaign Verify, you will receive a Campaign Verify Token (CV token) that you will then use during A2P 10DLC registration. A full CV token is composed of 6 pipe (|) delimited fields, for example:


Listed below are some important pieces of information about CV tokens:

  • CV tokens expire after a period of time and will need to be periodically updated
  • A single Campaign Verify token cannot be imported or used across multiple brands. If a 527 organization is a customer of multiple text messaging providers that will each create an A2P brand on their behalf, a unique CV token will need to be generated and provided to each vendor.

Console Registration

If you have already created a US A2P brand for a 527 Political Organization and would like to add a Campaign Verify token after brand registration, you will need to use the ISV A2P APIs. Importing or updating Campaign Verify tokens after initial brand registration is currently only available via API, not in the Console.

In the TrustHub of the Twilio Console, providing a Campaign Verify token is done as part of the A2P brand registration step. You must select "Nonprofit" as your Company type on this screen. CV tokens will only be accepted for brands with this entity type. Then, select "Yes" to confirm that you are a registered 527 Political Organization. You will then need to paste your CV token to verify your Organization's identity.

Alternatively, you may use the ISV APIs to register your 527 Political Organization. Please note that you will still need your Campaign Verify Token in order to complete registration and unlock the "Political" special use case.

Important notes on 527 Political Registration

As you register an A2P brand for your 527 Political organization, please note the following:

  • 527 status will not be automatically detected and applied upon brand registration, unlike 501(c)(x) nonprofit and government entity verification. Importing the Campaign Verify token proves 527 status and activates the special A2P benefits for this entity type.
  • Updating a Campaign Verify token after brand registration is currently only available via Twilio’s A2P APIs and not in the Twilio Console.
  • Once a Campaign Verify token is imported, the A2P brand will qualify for the Political use case and all other standard use cases will be disabled.

Complete your Campaign

Once you have successfully registered your government or non-profit Brand, you can create your A2P Campaign.

Government agencies can begin to register with all Standard Campaign use cases, and will also be eligible for the Emergency Special Use Case. Non-profit organizations also have access to additional special use cases, such as Charity / 501(c)(3) Nonprofit. Additionally, 527 political organizations can use the "Political" special use case.

Please see our support article on Special Use Cases for more information about the types of messages that qualify for special use cases.

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