Microvisor Public Beta

Microvisor is in a pre-release phase and the information contained in this document is subject to change. Some features referenced below may not be fully available until Microvisor’s General Availability (GA) release.


Twilio Microvisor is a sophisticated new solution to the unique challenges posed to developers by Internet of Things (IoT) product design:

  • How you can ensure your devices will always be protected against an exponentially increasing number of attack vectors.
  • How you can ensure your devices will always be protected for their entire operational lives.
  • How you can keep device software up to date at sites where end-users may be unwilling or unable to perform this crucial task.
  • How you can diagnose issues with devices that may be located in a different country, in another continent or even in motion.

This page is your Microvisor development jump table — it will take you to everything you need to know to begin designing your own Microvisor-based device and developing its application code. It offers a helping hand when you need assistance nailing down solutions to development or deployments problems.

Microvisor from nine miles high

Find out more about the high-level Microvisor architecture and how it enhances your embedded application, whether that’s a new one you are developing or an existing one you are bringing forward to the latest microcontroller hardware.

Get started with Microvisor

Ready to start development? Learn how to set up your Microvisor toolchain, bring up your Microvisor development hardware, and write your first code.

App development resources

Discover how to develop IoT applications based on Microvisor-enabled hardware.

Device side

Cloud side

Device design resources

Discover how to design IoT devices using Microvisor-enabled hardware.

Review Twilio’s growing selection of open source Microvisor reference designs which capture key IoT applications and components common to all Microvisor-based devices.

Production line resources

Your product has been designed, prototyped and proven — now it’s time to put it into production. Here you’ll find the tools you need to enter factory assembly, to prepare new devices for sale, and to manage your installed fleets.

Help and support

Explore solutions to common — and not-so-common — problems encountered during Microvisor application development, keep up to date with Microvisor releases and known issues, and learn how you can reach out for assistance.

Microvisor system calls

Learn how your application can interact with Microvisor at the silicon level to take advantage of its unique functionality with our full reference and sample code.

Microvisor REST API

Explore the calls you can make across the Internet to manage and maintain your fleet of Microvisor-based devices and the applications they run.