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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Below are a collection of questions you may have about KORE's acquisition of Twilio's IoT business unit ("Twilio IoT"). If you have additional questions, please contact your IoT sales specialist or customer support.

Do I contact Twilio or KORE customer support for help?

If you have questions about an invoice you've received from KORE or having trouble logging into or managing users in the KORE Console, contact KORE customer support at

If you are having trouble creating and connecting your KORE account to your Twilio account or have any questions about any of the Twilio IoT products, contact Twilio customer support or your IoT sales specialist.

Will any IoT products be deprecated as a result of the acquisition?

There is no immediate plan to deprecate any product except any that have already been communicated. Our primary goal during this transition is that all your services continue to operate normally.

What happens to my pricing?

There will be no immediate changes to pricing due to the acquisition. Any contractual discounts you have on IoT products will continue to apply. Continue to refer to the Twilio IoT pricing pages for self-service pricing or your most recent contract with Twilio for discounted pricing.

What happens to my integrations with the Twilio APIs?

Your existing integrations will continue to run as-is for the foreseeable future. We will assess the design of each existing endpoint as we recreate them as part of KORE’s API’s. We may make some changes to the API’s, but our goal is to minimize any potential disruptions to make this process as easy for you as possible so most API’s will likely behave very similarly, if not identically, to how they do currently. Over time, the Twilio API endpoints for our products will be deprecated and removed, and API’s will be accessible through KORE’s API endpoints.

Will I still be able to use the Twilio Console?

You’ll still be able to manage your SIMs from Twilio Console for the foreseeable future. Upon completion of the acquisition, we’ll begin developing a new UI within KORE that will eventually replace the Twilio Console for managing your IoT resources.

Does the process for ordering SIMs change?

You will still be able to order SIMs through the Twilio Console for the foreseeable future. Eventually, SIM ordering will move to a new portal within KORE’s services and you will be notified accordingly.

Do I need to change the APN on my devices?

We want to avoid any impact to existing connected devices whenever possible as a result of this acquisition. We have no immediate plans to deprecate any existing APN’s that your devices may depend on to connect.

Are my sales contacts the same?

Most likely yes, but if there are changes, you will be notified by your new contact.

Who do I pay for services, what if I have multiple products?

You will continue to pay Twilio for non-IoT products. If you had a contract with Twilio for IoT products, you should have received a separate notification from Twilio as to whether your contract was transferred to KORE upon close or will remain with Twilio during a transition period. If you have any additional questions about this, please contact your Twilio account representative or customer support.

How do I know if I need to create a KORE account?

For almost all Twilio IoT users, you will begin paying KORE for your IoT usage starting June 1, 2023, which you'll do by setting up and linking a KORE account to your Twilio account. If you are one of the very few users who have existing agreements with Twilio that could not be transferred to KORE, you will continue to pay Twilio for your IoT usage just as you were previously. In the email you should have received notifying you that the acquisition completed, it would have stated that KORE and Twilio account representatives would be contacting you to discuss getting new agreements in place with KORE.

You can also go to the Link a KORE Account page in the Twilio Console to see if you need to complete this process now or later.

When will I receive my invoice from KORE for my IoT usage?

While we work to integrate our IoT services with KORE, it will take a couple weeks after the calendar month closes to receive your invoice from KORE. If you need to record an accrual for your usage for accounting purposes, you can still see the amounts that will be charged in the Twilio Usage Summary in Console. The amount for Internet of Things shown there should be approximately what your invoice will be.

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