Transform your customer and employee experience with Agent Copilot and Unified Profiles

March 27, 2024
Written by
Aymen Naim

Transform your customer experience with Agent Copilot powered by Unified Profiles

Artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming the experience you can provide customers and employees, but getting it right requires businesses to develop a comprehensive strategy, while the tech changes every day. That AI strategy requires identifying target use cases, the partners and technology needed to accelerate time to value, and the data sources required to ensure automations are aligned with desired business outcomes. It’s a lot for any team to manage on their own.

Agent Copilot and Unified Profiles , now in Public Beta, bring GenAI technology and real-time customer data to Twilio Flex to equip sales and support teams in every high-value interaction you have with customers.

Unified Profiles is the data layer powered by Twilio Segment that creates a complete view of the customer by unifying real-time activity across channels, mobile and web platforms, CRM, and warehouse data to provide first-party identity resolution without setting up a separate Segment account. This context and view of the customer enables intelligent routing to reduce transfer rates, powers virtual agents to increase deflection, and delights customers with employee interactions tailored to their individual needs.

Agent Copilot uses AI to generate customer highlights based on the customer’s intent. This data makes it easy for an employee to understand context about the customer interaction, align quickly, and accelerate time-to-resolution. Data from the customer interaction is then used by Agent Copilot to generate wrap-up summaries, disposition codes, next best action, and sentiment. Every agent interaction takes less time, delivers more ideal outcomes, and provides your business with information to improve other customer interactions across your business.

How organizations are transforming experiences today

With Agent Copilot and Unified Profiles, customers like and Universidad Uk (formerly Kuepa) are already leveraging real-time data and AI to deliver exceptional customer experiences, driving loyalty, growth, and satisfaction for both customers and agents.

Universidad Uk, an educational program management and technology company based in Mexico, needed a way to provide academic coaches with real time grades, course completion percentage, transcripts, completed status checklists, and payment information to identify which students were falling behind and required additional assistance from academic coaches. Students frequently call to seek help for their academic issues, but retrieving all of this information to identify those at-risk of failure was time-consuming and resulted in significant call-handling time.

Universidad UK used Unified Profiles to transform their AI agent and academic coach experiences by consolidating real-time data from their learning management systems (Google Classroom), Salesforce CRM, and payment systems. Their team was able to use this complete view of the student to showcase necessary academic performance data to academic coaches in real-time and increase call deflection from 30% to 70% with virtual agents, while maintaining 94% customer satisfaction.

Lyft Agent Copilot and Unified Profiles
Lyft Agent Copilot and Unified Profiles
“Unified Profiles and Agent Copilot have helped us deliver more efficient and personalized service, using real-time data and AI. Virtual agents are able to cover 70% of cases, and when an academic coach is assigned we’re seeing a 30% average reduction in handle time.”

Iván Cantú
Universidad UK, COO

Unifying customer data for identity resolution

Unified Profiles provide a way for you to safely and compliantly harness data from across your business to create a single, complete view of the customer. The customer’s behavior and interaction with your business, across all touchpoints, platforms, or channels, is attributed to a single unified customer profile. Unified Profiles manages the identity resolution for you behind the scenes.

Behavioral traits important for your business are also computed in real-time using activity from website and mobile app sources. Once enough data about a customer’s activity is attained, AI predicts their lifetime value and churn propensity. This data orchestration is completed in real-time to generate a Unified Profile for every customer that is available with Agent Copilot across all channels.

With profiles unified and data sources connected, calls can be routed intelligently and employees can make informed, context-driven decisions based on previous interactions or recently viewed products or resources. That profile continuously gets smarter with every digital and voice interaction making sure your team is ready for the next call or message from that customer.

Agent Copilot powered by customer data

Agent Copilot provides your administrators with configurable tools to transform employees' user interface with the context they need and GenAI to generate wrap-up summaries, disposition codes, and customer sentiment. Without having to switch tabs, your employees have a complete summary of the customer, a history of previous interactions, their recent web or mobile activities, and an overview of predicted lifetime value and churn propensity. After empowering your employees to resolve the customer issues and automate post interaction work, Agent Copilot then further enriches Unified Profiles.

  • Showcase complete context for employees to simplify customer alignment and accelerate time to resolution with enhanced profile details, recent activities, highlights of key traits, and a timeline of previous interactions.
  • Automate post call work by generating wrap-up summaries, disposition codes, and sentiment after every interaction to increase your employees productivity and satisfaction.
  • Assist employees with next best actions and recommended resources with knowledge base searches to uplevel their skills while managing complex issues1.

This data-driven flywheel—iteratively understanding and growing deeper relationships with customers—is precisely what Agent Copilot and Unified Profiles make possible. Evolve your understanding of the customer over time to build trust and strengthen your relationship.

Twilio CustomerAI wheel
Twilio CustomerAI wheel

Deploy AI with security in mind

Proprietary customer data is a key differentiator for your business and safely and securely activating this data is critical. We view the use of AI and the protection of privacy as a shared responsibility between our customers and Twilio. To support this, we have adopted CustomerAI trust principles to guide the responsible development, use, and deployment of predictive and generative AI across all of Twilio’s products and features.


Twilio is committed to providing AI Nutrition Facts for all AI features you're using so you can better understand how AI works with your data. Please review the Agent Copilot and Unified Profiles nutrition facts to understand the AI qualities of these features.

Getting started with Agent Copilot and Unified Profiles

Agent Copilot and Unified Profiles combine real-time data and AI to power a wide range of use cases across industries. These out-of-the-box features accelerate your time to value by unifying relevant customer context and activating this data for employees and AI.

Agent Copilot and Unified Profiles are currently available in Public Beta to customers globally and offering a free trial until June 2024. Existing Twilio Flex customers2 can access this Public Beta through the Flex Admin Console to get started with deployment today.

New to Twilio Flex? Meet with the Twilio Account team to discuss how real-time data and AI can transform your customer and agent experience.

1 Next best action and knowledge base searches is coming soon to Agent Copilot
2 Agent Copilot and Unified Profiles requires Twilio UI 2.x and at least 50 active users