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Error 50211

Product: Programmable Chat

Error - 50211

Conversations: Identity parameter not acceptable for this Participant

Participants on SMS, WhatsApp or other non-Chat channels cannot have Identities.

Possible Causes

This error is fired when the parameter Identity is provided together with either: * MessagingBinding.Address, * MessagingBinding.ProxyAddress, or * both of the above.

As the error indicates, such a combination is not allowed. You can provide either an address binding or an Identity, but not both.

Possible Solutions

  • Avoid using both Identity and MessagingBinding.Address parameters when creating a Conversation participant. Instead, distinguish the use-case for your participants upfront and supply either the Identity for users of Programmable Chat Web/iOS/Android SDKs, or MessagingBinding.Address for non-Chat users such as SMS, MMS, WhatsApp, etc.
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