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Preset and Auto-Responses in Flex

  • COVID use case

This plugin allows your agent to quickly send commonly-used text snippets to customer’s messages. This plugin also lets them set a predefined message, the moment they get paired to chat with a customer.

  • Create predefined message sent by the answering agent as soon as they accept a task
  • Build UI below the Chat Input field to enable Agents to select from a list of predefined canned responses
  • Automatically send the selected predefined response as a chat or SMS to the customer 

Step 1:

Prerequisites for a Flex React plugin

A Twilio account with a Flex environment provisioned. Create your Flex Account

NPM version 5.0.0 or later installed (npm -v)

Node version 8.0.0 or later installed (node -v)

Step 2:

Set up a Flex environment with create-flex-plugin  Read more

npm install -g create-flex-plugin
create-flex-plugin plugin-agent-autoresponse --template https://github.com/twilio-labs/plugin-agent-autoresponse


Step 3:

Build your Flex Plugin Read how to

Step 4:

Deploy your Flex Plugin Read more

npm run deploy

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