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Validate users with SMS, voice, email, push, WhatsApp, and time-based one-time passwords.

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User verification built for global reach and massive scale

Fight fraud, protect user accounts, and build trust between you and your customers with purpose-built, multichannel verification.

Verify users on any channel

Authenticate users over their preferred channels with a single API, whether that’s with SMS, voice, email, push, WhatsApp, or time-based one-time passwords.

Global carrier‑approved messages

Use carrier‑approved templated messages to eliminate carrier message filtering. Easily send messages globally using Twilio’s automatic translation and global regulations compliance.

Flexible Push Authentication

Add push authentication into your applications for a low‑friction way to silently approve users via a secure channel, without the hassles or costs of One‑Time Passcodes (OTPs).

The benefits of using Verify

Verify solves complex development challenges so you can focus on the code that counts.

Phone number management solved programmatically

The Verify API determines the quantity, type, and locale of phone numbers you’ll need to verify users, saving you from spending cycles purchasing and managing phone numbers.

Integrate Verify easily

The Verify API integrates into your sign up flow, so you can seamlessly capture and confirm user phone numbers as part of their onboarding process.

Scale globally without the hassle

Verify simplifies authentication processes like orchestrating multiple APIs, or managing locale‑specific number pools. Now global, scalable verification is an API call away.

How the Verify API works

Verify uses two API endpoints to seamlessly check that a user is the owner of the phone number they provide.

The start API endpoint

When the user is validating their phone number, Verify sends the user a 4‑10 digit verification code via SMS, WhatsApp, voice, or email, and waits for their response.

The check API endpoint

Verify checks the user’s input matches the code. If they match, Verify registers the phone number as approved.

Integration was extremely fast, it was a nice surprise. We aren't used to being able to integrate with a third‑party so easily.

Verify pricing

Just like verification codes, every business is unique. Verify offers pricing tailored to your needs so you can secure users at scale from now into the future.

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