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Every company is or is becoming a software company. The organizations leading the way are able to transform digital technology into a business advantage.

Here you'll find practical, actionable insight into how the world's most successful teams cultivate meaningful customer relationships in our digital world. Welcome to The Current.

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Edition 3

Edition 3: Digital trust

Explore the importance of treating consumer data correctly, the future of customer data management, and how leading companies use data judiciously to deliver better customer experiences.

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Regional banks' secret weapon for digital success

Regional banks and credit unions often set themselves apart by offering personalized, community-oriented experiences their enterprise competitors can’t. As financial services shift to a virtual-first dynamic, maintaining those connections is the key to winning and keeping customers.

Jennifer Kim
Trends in video

Consumers say post-pandemic, video is here to stay: Insights into video usage in 2021

The pandemic put video front and center. With insights from our consumer survey and data from the 2021 State of Customer Engagement report, here’s how we expect consumers to use video this year.

Jessica Palay
Data etiquette

Why Apple’s changes to cross-app tracking are a vote for data etiquette

As new regulations and stricter platform privacy policies continue to be introduced, businesses will have to say farewell to personalized ads driven by third-party data and instead build direct relationships with their customers to drive authentic advocacy and evangelism. 

Peter Reinhardt

Brands taking the lead

These organizations are innovating to succeed.

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Answering the call: United Way Worldwide ramps up 211 capabilities and technology amid COVID-19 outbreak

Nonprofits like United Way have long operated helplines to connect people with resources. The 211 service is now available to 95 percent of the U.S. population (and most of Canada) and serves as the social services companion to the municipal informational help-line. Following COVID-19, the team adapted to a fully remote workforce and developed innovative contact center solutions featuring automation to help more people than ever.

Claire Karjalainen

How leading financial services companies like ING differentiate through communication

These five leading financial services companies--CU Wireless, Xoom, TransferWise, Simply Business, and ING--are able to stand out from the crowd with effective customer engagement strategies powered by Twilio software. From messaging, two-factor authentication, multi-channel communications, and more, we outline how they've successfully deployed innovative solutions.

Kayleigh Karutis

How Ancestry, Deliveroo, and Podium build conversational experiences

During SIGNAL 2019, we discussed the notion of conversations and how the concept could change the way we do business. We heard from three incredible presenters at different companies, all of which are building conversational experiences at scale to suit their unique business needs. 

Janet Alexander

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