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Unite your team on one platform

Marketing Campaigns breaks down the silos that separate teams and slow down your business. Using Marketing Campaigns, developers, marketers, and everyone in between can work with the tools they love on one united platform.

Optimize every aspect of your emails

Twilio SendGrid gives you the ability to control the look and feel of your transactional emails, as well as your marketing emails. View and modify designs in the UI-based editor and your changes will automatically populate in API-triggered emails.

Drive success with better analytics

Gain visibility into all the emails your customers receive, marketing and transactional, using real-time analytics. Track critical metrics like delivery, open, and click through rates, and learn more about your audience with geographical data, device type reports, and more.

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Rely on a single source of truth across teams

Twilio SendGrid’s email platform delivers an intuitive UI and best-in-class APIs to serve everyone in your organization. Teams stay on the same page when reviewing everything from content, to customer data, to email program performance.

Partner with email experts

SendGrid lives and breathes email so you always have a trusted team of experts in your corner.

  • Tap into the world’s largest team of deliverability experts to help you win your way to the inbox.
  • Call on a 24/7/365 Support Team dedicated to your success.
  • Leverage Expert Services to get started quickly, reach the inbox, and set up your email program for long-term success.
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Use Cases

Twilio SendGrid provides a trusted foundation for remarkable businesses across the globe to drive innovation.

Reliability at scale
“With Marketing Campaigns, we’re free to send targeted one-to-many emails at any scale—from promotional content like new feature announcements to more critical communications like GDPR and Privacy Policy updates.”
Tyler Green, Growth Marketing Manager

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“SendGrid ensures top notch deliverability across marketing and transactional emails. With Marketing Campaigns, we quickly build targeted segments and use the drag-and-drop templates to create uniquely styled emails.”
Cheyanne Hefley, Email Marketing Manager

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