Goodbye data silos. Hello, Segment.

Now that Segment is part of Twilio, you can unify customer data and power personalized communications across any channel.



Make customer engagement more intelligent across every channel


Connect your cross-channel data

Get unparalleled insight into the way your customers interact on any channel, with Segment. Unify your data and improve engagement by reaching customers with the right message, on the right channel, at the right time.

Empower your teams with better data

Segment puts relevant context at the fingertips of customer-facing teams. With a complete understanding of your customer, you can provide tailored experiences and make a bigger impact with every interaction.

Deliver a truly differentiated experience

Deeply understand your consumers without spending endless hours integrating data and systems. Create a single, holistic view of the customer journey so you can build personalized engagement at scale.

Developers can easily get started building

Use a single API to collect, standardize, and unify your customer data in a single database with a new, free offer that's custom built for Twilio developers by Twilio Segment.

Leading brands choose Twilio + Segment



Create a single source of truth for customer data


Break down data silos

  • Collect user data from every interaction with your websites, mobile apps, digital ads, etc
  • Combine data from different sources and systems to form a complete picture of your customer
  • Create a single customer profile that can be accessed by every team in your business
  • Integrate customer data into every interaction, for a seamless journey across any channel

Keep your data clean and compliant

  • Safeguard yourself from old, incomplete, or inaccurate data
  • Validate and transform all the data you’re collecting to ensure quality
  • Save time by catching data quality issues at the source and fixing them automatically
  • Trust that the data you use to make decisions is clean and accurate

Turn customer data into intelligent engagement

  • Deliver personalized messages at the right time and frequency for each customer
  • Identify the best channel for any conversation or notification, from SMS and WhatsApp, to email and voice
  • Delight customers by anticipating their needs and building on context from earlier interactions

Say hello to the future of

customer engagement

Make every text message, support call, and email notification more intelligent. Improve your customer engagement with good data—from Segment.