How Utilities Can Improve Customer Experience With Twilio

Find out how Twilio can help companies within the utilities sector to innovate and improve the customer experience.

How Utilities Can Improve Customer Experience With Twilio

Twilio offers the utilities sector an innovative approach to improving customer communications.

The always-on, experience-first technology revolution that has disrupted so many sectors is also having the same effect on the utilities sector. Easier switching, greater competition, and changes to regulation make the customer experience important for both established brands and new entrants.

Providing an excellent customer experience isn’t only critical during customer acquisition; customers expect the experience to continue throughout customer service, upgrades/downgrades, maintenance, and support. Twilio helps companies like yours to innovate and improve the customer experience by using a ‘building blocks’ approach to communications, so you aren’t limited to a choice between current functionality and an expensive ‘rip and replace’.

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Improve the Switching Experience for New Customers

Customer lifecycles are getting shorter and switching is becoming more common. Whether a new customer finds your company because of price or reputation, the customer experience during their first contact with your brand can make all the difference. Twilio’s products enable you to innovate within the “JOIN” customer journey by adding SMS, web chat, or in-app notifications to build customer confidence during the switching experience.

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Deliver Better Communications During Customer Visits

An integrated communications experience is important for modern customers. But this can be a challenge when engineers or other company agents have scheduled visits to a customer premises. Twilio’s Programmable SMS and Voice services enable seamless contact centre integration.

Your representatives can use a single Twilio number to alert customers to a scheduled visit, and receive calls and texts. Communications can be routed to the customer, contact centre, or the representative, depending on the stage of the visit.

This can all be done with a masked number, so customers don’t have to reveal their personal phone numbers. Masked numbers are especially important when Smart Meter or other installations are outsourced and you don’t want to cede customer experience to a third party.

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Build the Heart of Customer Experience: A Modern Customer Service Centre

The customer contact centre is the hub of all communications with your customers. As technology and customer needs change, contact centres can be expensive and difficult to upgrade. Twilio enables you to build an entire contact centre from scratch, or simply add the features you want to the one you already have.

With Twilio building block APIs, you can deliver an excellent customer experience instead of being at the mercy of a vendor’s roadmap. Building on top of APIs allows your business to differentiate, helping to win new business and retain existing customers.

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Innovate to Stay Ahead of Your Competitors

Innovation and the ability to adapt to changing customer behaviour is essential in the utilities sector. With Twilio, you can adapt quickly to keep pace with customer expectations.

Using an API approach and development toolkit, traditional development timelines shrink. Prototypes now take days and launches can happen in weeks. Simplified pricing also makes experimentation and innovation low-risk.

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Twilio's mission is to fuel the future of communications. Developers and businesses use Twilio to make communications relevant and contextual by embedding messaging, voice, and video capabilities directly into their software applications. Whether you want to innovate on top of your existing technology or replace it at end-of-life, Twilio’s API building blocks get you up and running fast—with no upfront costs, contracts, or license fees.

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