What Twilio Flex Can Do For Your Business

Learn all about Twilio Flex, the new programmable contact center platform that you can deploy and customize with the click of a button.

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What Twilio Flex Can Do For Your Business

Remember when every website was static? In the early days of the internet, each website was a completely custom design. People quickly realized, however, that websites need to be dynamic. They need to be changed more often than once a year, once a month, or even once a day. We need to keep updating websites to meet the demands of the market. So, what happened? The infrastructure that we use to build websites completely transformed. Now our websites are constantly updated, and we can’t imagine it any other way.

We’re in a similar time of evolution for the contact center. Legacy contact center architecture was built before the internet, before this age of digital disruption. Contact centers really didn't need to change all that much. Voice was the original contact center channel and for about 40 years, voice was the only way you talked to your customer. However, communications have transformed rapidly in the past 10 years. Companies are demanding more and more out of the contact center and the pace at which new channels are introduced and adopted is accelerating.

In a recent study, 40% of contact center leaders revealed that their systems don't meet today's needs. And more than half said these systems won't meet future needs. Why have we accepted that contact centers are slow and brittle and every change takes nine to 18 months to implement? Why aren't our contact centers as nimble as our websites? The answer is simple: there hasn’t been a programmable application platform for the contact center. Until now.

Here are Jeff’s top takeaways about what Twilio Flex can do for your business:

  • Twilio Flex is completely programmable. As an application platform, every part of the stack can be customized to exactly what your business does. It includes our attribute-based routing engine, TaskRouter, as well as our drag-and-drop visual editor, Studio, so you can customize any workflow that you can imagine. With a completely programmable user interface for your agent and supervisor desktops, the ability to integrate with any CRM, WFO, or other business process, and our partner marketplace, the possibilities of what you can do with Twilio Flex are endless.
  • The platform brings you contextual intelligence. It includes Twilio Understand for natural language understanding, voice recognition, and intent extraction. But more importantly, Twilio Flex architecture is ready for your AI workloads now and in the future, whether your data team invents your own machine learning models or you pick another vendor.
  • Twilio Flex scales like no other contact center platform, delivering enterprise-grade scale, control, and speed on a battle-tested network. Flex can support thousands of agents per installation. It’s built on the Twilio Super Network, which is live in 100 countries with 99.99% SLA. We take care of the infrastructure, security, and compliance, so you can focus on your customer experience.
  • One out of every 10 developers in the world is already a developer on the Twilio platform. That means millions of developers are already equipped with the skills needed to customize and scale your contact center using their standard languages and the stacks they already know how to work with.
  • We built Twilio Flex based on our learnings from working with some of the largest and most sophisticated contact centers in the world. We know that the contact center is not just a place to take phone calls anymore, but it's really the center of many integral business processes. Over the past decade, we’ve heard the frustration from businesses about how their complex, legacy, on-premise contact center infrastructure just can’t provide the flexibility to keep up with customer demand.
  • We created Twilio Flex to give you a contact center application platform that’s fast, flexible, powerful, and reliable. We can't wait to see what you build on it.
“Twilio’s expertise has long been in providing backend communications services and its design expertise is mostly in building APIs, not user interfaces. With this move, though, the company is giving enterprises (and this product is meant for the kind of companies that have hundreds or thousands of people in a contact center) a full stack contact center with a full graphical user interface.” -TechCrunch