Supercharge Your Salesforce CRM With Twilio APIs

The best Salesforce hack isn’t a hack at all. Unlock the power of your CRM with simple Twilio integrations for voice, messaging, and more.

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Supercharge Your Salesforce CRM With Twilio APIs

Leaving a powerful engine in idle because you don’t know where to go? That’s what plenty of companies do with Salesforce. Pull ahead of the competition with Twilio APIs that transform Salesforce into a robust contact center. Improve the CRM experience for both your customers and agents with voice, messaging, omni-channel routing, and in-app communication.

Learn how Twilio building blocks enable you to add powerful functionality to Salesforce and improve revenue, sales, and efficiency.

In this video Al Cook, Director of Product at Twilio, shares how you can supercharge your Salesforce CRM into a next-generation experience with workflow automation, mobile messaging, intelligent task-routing, rich contextual communication, and full voice integration.

Short on time? Here are Al’s top ways Twilio APIs can soup up Salesforce for you and your customers:

  • Access VoIP without plug-ins or telephones through Lightning Voice.
  • Automatically generate and route service tickets for IoT devices to optimally located technicians via SMS/MMS.
  • Improve conversion rates with automated dial-backs for new Salesforce leads.
  • Power native SMS/MMS communication between customers and agents to resolve issues quickly.
  • Add new features as you grow without the need for new apps or CRMs.