The CTO of SimplyBusiness on Intelligent Customer Journeys

Learn how the UK's leading business insurance broker provides personalized customer experiences across multiple channels.

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The CTO of SimplyBusiness on Intelligent Customer Journeys

Not long ago, SimplyBusiness (recently acquired by Travelers Insurance)—the UK's leading business insurance broker—believed they had no need for a contact center. Most of their customers, who are small businesses, come to their website looking for insurance. It’s perfectly easy to get a customized quote for the right insurance policy online, so why involve a customer service agent over the phone? It turns out, however, that business insurance is a big purchase decision to make online. Although nearly every inbound customer comes through the website, 40% of SimplyBusiness’ sales occur through the help of a live agent over the phone.

Speaking at SIGNAL.London’s Digital Executive Forum, SimplyBusiness CTO Lukas Oberhuber shared how the company built their contact center using machine learning and Twilio APIs to create personalized customer experiences across multiple channels.

Recognizing that their contact center is core to the business, SimplyBusiness decided to use the Twilio platform to build it. Their contact center now drives inbound sales, outbound calls, and renewals across multiple channels. When they decided to build a contact center, they knew they didn’t want to create a robotic customer experience or give their agents scripts to read. They wanted their agents to have real conversations with customers and they wanted to use technology to help make those conversations better.

Twilio APIs provide SimplyBusiness with an integrated way to communicate with their customers and track their entire digital lifecycle. Because of Twilio’s building block approach, SimplyBusiness can also easily run A/B tests and iterate to constantly improve. One recent test on an IVR channel, which took them only 15 minutes to set up, drove a 3% increase in conversion. With approximately 200 agents in their contact center, TaskRouter helps SimplyBusiness route customers to the right agent at the right time.

Building an application on top of Twilio requires you to think about the customer journey as a series of events, and then customize those events to your exact business needs. Watch the video to see how SimplyBusiness built their system.

No time right now? Here are the key takeaways.

Key Takeaways:

  • Use knowledge from the data you collect in your contact center to instrument every step of the customer journey.
  • Plug your data into machine learning algorithms to decide a customer’s likelihood to buy, determine the best time for outbound calls, improve your product offering, prioritize leads, and more.
  • Use automation to give your contact center agents a “superpower suit” rather than replacing them with a robot. Provide agents with valuable information about the customers they’re speaking with so they can be more successful in closing business.
  • Building with Twilio involves building a series of events for your customers and customizing those events to create the customer journey you want.
  • Your contact center agents are a tremendous asset because they have the most direct contact with your customers. Listen to their ideas and feedback to continually improve your business.