Ruby Receptionists on SIP Infrastructure for Customer Service

Learn how Ruby Receptionists, a virtual receptionist service, creates personalized customer experiences with Twilio SIP Trunking and Programmable Voice APIs.

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Ruby Receptionists on SIP Infrastructure for Customer Service

In an increasingly automated world, how do you preserve personal, human connections? Ruby Receptionists demonstrates the answer to this question every day. They may run a virtual receptionist service, but on the other line are real, live humans who take customer delight very seriously.

Based in Portland, Oregon, Ruby Receptionists pride themselves on “delivering delight” through human connections. To do this, they rely on the technology and tech partners (like Twilio) that power their operation. Ruby Receptionists know that great customer experiences start with having the right infrastructure. Because if their infrastructure isn’t allowing them to deliver what they say they will, they’ll end up damaging their customer relationships.

Switching from their legacy telephony system to Twilio as their SIP Trunking provider let Ruby Receptionists focus on experiences rather than transactions. In this video, Chief Product and Technology Officer Katharine Nester shares how Ruby Receptionists uses Twilio APIs to deliver personalized customer service at scale.