Ruby Receptionists’ Katharine Nester on Delightful Customer Service

When customers call your business, are you giving them an experience to remember—for the right reasons? Learn from the experts at this receptionist service.

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Ruby Receptionists’ Katharine Nester on Delightful Customer Service

When was the last time you contacted a business by telephone? Were you greeted by a real, live human? If so, was that human happy and helpful? Ruby Receptionists prides themselves on “delivering delight” through real, human connections on behalf of companies throughout the U.S. But they don’t just answer the phone—Ruby Receptionists keep customers coming back for more. Eighty percent of customers say that a positive phone experience with a company is likely to make them a repeat customer.

In fact, according to Katharine Nester, Chief Product and Technology Officer at Ruby Receptionists, customers are so averse to having a negative phone experience that 72% will hang up if they receive an automated response when they call a company. Katharine should know. She leads the teams responsible for designing and building the mobile and web apps customers use to interact with Ruby Receptionists on more than 36,000 calls per day.

Along with Steve Severance, VP of Engineering at Ruby Receptionists, Katharine joined us at SIGNAL to share Ruby’s blueprint for delivering exceptional service—the Ruby Service Pyramid—and how making the switch from their legacy phone system to Twilio has enabled them to do so. Straight from the front lines, Katharine and Steve share their advice for any company looking to provide exceptional customer service on a large scale.

Watch the video to hear all about it, and if you’re short on time, here are five key takeaways.

Key Takeaways

  • According to Google, 61% of mobile searches end in a call and 47% of users say they will move on to a competitor if a business doesn’t have a phone number readily available.
  • In 2016, mobile searches resulted in 70 billion inbound business phone calls; that’s estimated to increase to 162 billion calls by 2019.
  • When Ruby Receptionists switched from their legacy phone system, Twilio provided fast setup, easy access to local phone numbers, a robust admin console, MPLS to ensure call quality, geo-redundancy, a development platform that allows them to offer more features, and significant cost savings.
  • To improve their customer experience, Ruby Receptionists invests in the happiness of their employees. After implementing their Happiness Journal campaign—focused on gratitude and positivity—their error rate dropped from 1 in 1000 to 1 in 2500.
  • Ruby Receptionists anticipated that since many of their customers use their personal cell phones for business, they’d prefer to keep their personal cell phone numbers private if possible. To accommodate this, Ruby built a feature called “Choose Your Caller ID” in their app using Twilio Programmable Voice. Watch the video to see the code that powers this feature.