A Blueprint for Personalized Connections from Ruby Receptionists

Chief Technology Officer Katharine Nester shares how the virtual receptionist service delivers personalized customer service at scale with Twilio APIs.

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A Blueprint for Personalized Connections from Ruby Receptionists

In an increasingly automated world, how do you create customized digital customer experiences when your company is dedicated to preserving personal, human connections? Katharine Nester, Chief Product and Technology Officer at Ruby Receptionists, joined us at Twilio’s first Digital Executive Forum at SIGNAL San Francisco 2017 to share Ruby Receptionists’ blueprint for delivering exceptional service at scale.

Ruby Receptionists may run a virtual receptionist service, but on the other line are real, live humans who take customer delight very seriously. Based in Portland, Oregon, Ruby Receptionists has been making connections with callers and customers for over 14 years. They serve more than 6,300 companies, take more than 36,000 calls per day, and two thirds of their 400 employees are receptionists. Ruby Receptionists prides themselves on “delivering delight” through human connections, but to do this, they rely on the technology and tech partners (like Twilio) that power their operation.

Katharine leads the teams responsible for designing and building the mobile and web apps customers use to interact with Ruby Receptionists. In this video, Katharine shares advice for any company looking to provide exceptional customer service on a large scale.

Key Takeaways

  • Focus on experiences rather than transactions. To create delight, give customers an unexpected pleasant experience that they didn’t even know they wanted.
  • No matter how delightful your marketing messages may be, if your core product or service isn’t delivering what you say it will, you’ll end up damaging your customer relationships. That’s why Ruby Receptionists puts infrastructure first.
  • Infrastructure needs change over time, and you must change with them. Ruby Receptionists was reluctant to let go of their legacy telephony system but when they switched Twilio as their SIP Trunking provider, they ended up greatly improving their service.
  • Great customer experiences start with having the right infrastructure. For Ruby, this means choosing the best technology, but it also means creating the ideal employee environment. Culture company culture is reflected in customer service.
  • To improve their customer experience, Ruby Receptionists invests in the happiness of their employees. After implementing their Happiness Journal campaign—focused on gratitude and positivity—their error rate dropped from 1 in 1000 to 1 in 2500.