Get Started with Twilio Flex in Minutes

Learn all about Twilio Flex - what is it, why we built it, and how you can get started in minutes.

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Get Started with Twilio Flex in Minutes

When we introduced Twilio Flex in March 2018, we were inundated with interest from developers and product managers across industries. Following a successful preview program, we were thrilled to make Twilio Flex generally available in October. Today, businesses such as Shopify, Lyft, and U-Haul are already using Flex with thousands of contact center agents live on the platform.

Over the years, we’ve worked with all types of companies deploying contact centers, and over and over again, we kept hearing the same thing. Businesses feel that the only choices they have are to spend years customizing a premise-based system from the ground up or to compromise customization for speed-of-deployment using an out-of-the-box SaaS solution.

We introduced Flex to resolve this dichotomy with a fully-programmable contact center platform. This is the new generation of contact center software. Flex represents a fundamental transition from how software is built and how you can deliver new contact center experiences.

Flex can be completely customized to change or add any new experience, using very simple web-based frameworks such as RESTful APIs and React.js. We designed Flex to run on top of Twilio's reliable and secure infrastructure, so it scales to thousands of agents in the cloud.

Flex programmability

As a programmable contact center platform, Flex doesn’t require you to write code for core contact center capabilities. We assembled all of the Twilio APIs, such as UI, routing, channels, and flows for you in Flex, which you can customize at every layer of the contact center. Add new channels or phone numbers and reach anyone anywhere in the world, optimize routing with your own secret sauce, and build automated communications flows such as IVRs or bots.

In fact, you can change every pixel of the UI in Flex. You can bring data from any other application to make your agents more productive and you can add new capabilities using a plug-in framework that only touches the code that you change. Because of the extreme flexibility that Twilio Flex offers, you can also easily integrate it with any CRM system.

Twilio Flex

Are you wondering if Flex is right for your business? Want to see how it works? We made this video so you can see just how easy it is to get started.

Watch how you can deploy a contact center using Flex in minutes: