Report: How Communications Platforms Drive Customer Engagement

Customers have higher expectations than ever before. In this report from Constellation Research, learn how to choose the right communications platform to drive customer engagement.

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Report: How Communications Platforms Drive Customer Engagement

It’s the “Age of the Customer.” Customers, empowered through access to information and emboldened by the ability to share their experiences, now have elevated expectations for just about every interaction they have.

Today’s customers are digitally empowered to share their experiences, both positive and negative, with just a few clicks—for all to see. What’s more, over 50% of your customers will never do business with your company again after just one bad experience. And 66% will tell others about their bad experience.

How much does that matter? A lot. Approximately 88% of consumers look at online customer service reviews before deciding to make their purchases. Between social media, review websites, and app ratings, customers can easily tell the world how close (or far away) your company is to meeting their expectations. And those expectations are higher than ever.

Multichannel Engagement

In this report, Constellation Research analyst Cindy Zhou makes it crystal clear: today’s digital customer requires organizations to deliver multichannel engagement. Unfortunately, most organizations are still communicating with customers through clunky phone calls, delayed emails, and online support forms, when what customers expect and want is live chat, messaging, SMS, in-app messaging, and social media support. And they want these options now.


Communications Platforms to the Rescue

With such a wide gap between customers’ preferred channels of communication and the channels businesses actually offer, what can you do to catch up and meet your customers where they are? What can you do to deliver a consistent multichannel communications experience (as was ranked the highest customer experience priority in Constellation’s research)?

To get there, companies are turning to communications platforms. Communications platforms use APIs, or communications building blocks, to augment, fully replace, or provide connectivity for customer communications across all channels. They offer companies the freedom to build the exact customer experience they want with the specific capabilities they need.

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Constellation’s report examines how, exactly, modern companies need to engage with their customers to deliver the experience their customers expect, and how to accomplish that goal by utilizing the power of a communications platform. The report looks at:

  • Why organizations must engage digital customers on their terms.
  • Why prioritizing communications can improve customer experience and provide a competitive edge.
  • Why organizations struggle to meet customer expectations and how to overcome those struggles.
  • How modern communications platforms are vital to winning in the customer experience battle.
  • Success stories that show significant customer experience improvements.
  • Recommendations for evaluating communications platform providers.
  • Pitfalls to avoid during vendor selection and planning.

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