Ameer Badri and Abhijit Mehta on How to Build a Modern Contact Center

Learn how the world’s most innovative companies are creating the next generation of contact centers using Twilio API building blocks.

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Ameer Badri and Abhijit Mehta on How to Build a Modern Contact Center

You’ve likely heard a lot about WHY to build a contact center tailored to your business rather than buying a generic out-of-the-box solution. You’ve also probably heard plenty about WHAT is required to build a contact center. But the question that often remains unanswered is: HOW do you do that in an optimal manner to create the best customer experience?

Imagine being a fly on the wall in the world’s most innovative companies as they create their contact centers. What best practices do you think you would learn from companies like ING, Paymentsense, and Simply Business? Luckily, we’ve got the inside scoop. Twilio's Ameer Badri, Senior Manager of Sales Engineering, and Abhijit Mehta, Solutions Architect, share those best practices in this SIGNAL talk.

The high-growth, fast-moving companies Ameer and Abhijit work with often make the switch from a traditional contact center, which is very difficult and costly to modify, to building a custom contact center with API building blocks. Many times, these companies realize they can use the talent and skill of their in-house developers to build one of the most important aspects of their business: communication with their customers.

Today’s customers want to communicate over multiple channels—whether it’s Voice, SMS, or Facebook Messenger—they want companies to communicate with them on the channel they like to use. In this session, Ameer and Abhijit take a deep dive into how several Twilio customers are using API building blocks to create the ideal communication experience for their customers.

Watch their full talk here:

Short on time? Here are Ameer and Abhijit's key takeaways:

  • How to join the building blocks of Programmable Voice, SMS, Chat, Video, Sync, Notify, and TaskRouter together to build a world-class contact center experience piece by piece. Add new channels as you need them.
  • Why it’s critical to cultivate “The Builder’s Mindset” – think about how you can build the exact experience you want to create for your customers using the talent and creativity of your in-house developers.
  • Know your customers and build your contact center to serve their unique needs. Provide your agents with the exact information they need to provide excellent customer service to each specific customer.
  • How global companies on the leading edge of technology, such as ING, Paymentsense, and Simply Business, have structured their contact centers using Twilio building blocks.
  • How to use the TaskRouter work engine to assign tasks to the correct available agent.
  • How to use analytics to track, measure, and iterate so you can constantly improve the customer experience.