All Web Leads’ Lorena Lauv on How to Scale a Virtual Call Center

Growing your business and need to make sure your contact center scales with it? Hear from an expert who rapidly grew hers from 30 to over 400 remote agents.

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All Web Leads’ Lorena Lauv on How to Scale a Virtual Call Center

Imagine you sell insurance. Top of mind for you would be how to connect with buyers at the right time, in the right place—and at the moment they are ready to make a purchase. Now imagine that your phone rings, and an agent informs you that there’s a qualified buyer on the line who’s ready to purchase a new policy from you right now. Sounds like magic, right? This is, in fact, the magic that All Web Leads (AWL) delivers to their customers—insurance providers.

Thousands of people look for insurance online every day, and AWL is dedicated to helping them out with the process. Just ask Lorena Lauv, Director of Platform Services of the Austin, Texas-based company. Lorena will tell you how AWL scours the internet with paid search, organic leads, and pay-per-click ads to find consumers looking for home, health, and auto insurance and match them with insurance providers.

Lorena leads the team responsible for AWL’s contact center, which they have ramped up over the past couple of years in response to a growing demand for calls. Prior to that, AWL simply passed leads on to their customers. They provided the data, but what insurance providers did with it was up to them.

Realizing they could take their service one step further, however, AWL created a contact center—originally using an enterprise solution and eventually switching to the Twilio Client and Programmable Voice Platform. Through the contact center, AWL’s agents call and qualify leads as soon as they complete an online form. When consumers are ready to buy, AWL immediately connects them to an insurance provider. High-quality leads served up on demand.

And the best part about this contact center? It’s 100% virtual. AWL’s 400+ agents work remotely, which has allowed the company to keep their costs down while growing rapidly.

Lorena joined us at SIGNAL to share AWL’s story, and her advice to other businesses scaling their contact centers. Watch the video to hear her tales from the trenches, and if you’re short on time, here are the top five takeaways.

Key Takeaways

  • AWL has rapidly grown their contact center from 30 to over 400 remote agents—all of whom work remotely. Not being limited by physical office space allows AWL to grow quickly and keep costs down.
  • AWL’s call flows are complicated, with constantly fluctuating variables in a highly dynamic environment. Their previous enterprise call product didn’t allow them to scale or add new features as they wanted to, so they switched to Twilio Voice to power their calls.
  • Because their call volume is large, it’s important to track initiated calls per second and detect any delays in order to ensure their contact center is running efficiently.
  • AWL uses a data mining and machine learning algorithm to analyze consumer lead attributes and predict a dialer score that determines which leads to call and when.
  • It took three developers just three months to revamp their entire contact center with Twilio and roll it out to live production.