Al Cook on the Key to Flexible Call Centers: Intelligent Routing

Trying to solve omnichannel contact center routing? It’s easy with Twilio TaskRouter. Send callers to the most qualified agent based on self-defined attributes.

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Al Cook on the Key to Flexible Call Centers: Intelligent Routing

TaskRouter is at the core of many of the contact center implementations we’re seeing at Twilio, with companies such as ING, Weight Watchers, Zillow, and more. Businesses are increasingly choosing to build their own contact center and take control of their roadmap. If you’re considering building a contact center using Twilio APIs, it’s important to understand all of the things TaskRouter can do for you.

In this SIGNAL session, Twilio Product Director Al Cook dives into the nuts and bolts of TaskRouter, and gives a live demo to show it in action.

Building a contact center using Twilio APIs lets you A/B test your contact center in the same way that you A/B test your website or mobile app. And at the heart of that contact center is TaskRouter—the attribute-based routing engine that you can control from your code. TaskRouter offers intelligent routing that lets you control your contact center experience. Some think of it as skills-based routing, some think of it as automatic call distribution. Most people think of it as the thing they wish they'd known about sooner.

In this talk, Al lifts the hood off TaskRouter and gives you a look inside. Watch the live demo to see exactly what happens when a call, chat, SMS, or messaging app request comes in. TaskRouter dynamically assigns incoming tasks to the agents that can best handle them. Calls, SMS, chat and messaging requests, support tickets, leads, or even machine data are routed based on the attributes you apply, such as skills required by the agent and priority of the task.

Watch the video to learn what’s possible with this powerful API:

Key Takeaways:

  • See the architecture of building an omnichannel contact center and what goes into building an agent user experience.
  • Learn about the Workflow, or brain of TaskRouter, which inspects each task to understand how to route it based on its attributes.
  • TaskRouter’s partner offerings for workforce management, reporting, and analysis let you explore your real-time and historical data.
  • Other Add-ons in Twilio marketplace give you options for attributes such as demographic data and phone score information.
  • TaskRouter doesn’t just route and forget. It constantly keeps track of every task in the system, wherever it is in the queue, so you can define escalation logic to incrementally expand the set of agents who can be assigned to each task.