UK Retailer John Lewis on Omnichannel Customer Engagement

How do you deliver great customer service and create brand loyalty through a digital interaction? UK retail giant John Lewis shares their experience.

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UK Retailer John Lewis on Omnichannel Customer Engagement

Since its first store opened in 1864, creating brand loyalty has been extremely important for UK retail giant John Lewis. For more than a century, the company has been well-known for giving great customer service face-to-face. However as in-person retail interactions are becoming less frequent, John Lewis wants to ensure that the great service they were known for in the past continues to evolve as they move forward into the future.

At the Digital Executive Forum at SIGNAL London this year, Richard Ambler, John Lewis Head of Business Development, shared how the company is using both human interactions and the digital experience to curate their customer journey.

In their commitment to diversity the brand and connect with their customers in new ways, John Lewis has created John Lewis Partnership Ventures. One of the first business units to come out of their JLP Ventures is John Lewis Home Solutions, a new connected marketplace for trade professionals.

A key challenge for this new business is getting the communication between customers and independent tradespeople, and the contact center right, while making sure that these interactions live up to the brand standards for customer service John Lewis is known for. To meet this challenge, John Lewis chose Twilio APIs to underpin the intelligent digital communications that power their contact center.

Watch the video to get the full story. No time right now? Here are the key takeaways.

Key Takeaways:

  • Retail is changing rapidly. Customer behavior and expectations have changed and retail businesses like John Lewis must evolve to change with them.
  • As in-person interactions become less frequent, brands must deliver great customer service through digital communication experiences.
  • APIs allow retail brands to curate the customer journey and build their customer relationships in new ways.
  • In a contact center, it’s important to stay consistent with the brand, offering quality customer service while avoiding unnecessary touchpoints.