John Lewis Home Solutions: Customer Engagement and Brand Loyalty

Learn how John Lewis Home Solutions creates customer engagement and maintains brand loyalty through digital interactions powered by Twilio APIs.

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John Lewis Home Solutions: Customer Engagement and Brand Loyalty

Since its first store opened in 1864, creating brand loyalty has been extremely important to UK retail giant John Lewis. But as face-to-face customer interactions are increasingly replaced by digital experiences, how can the company maintain its reputation for providing great customer service?

To answer this question, John Lewis created John Lewis Partnership Ventures, their digital innovation unit dedicated to bringing new ways to serve their customers to market. One of the first businesses they’ve launched is John Lewis Home Solutions, a connected marketplace for trade professionals. When someone wants help with a home improvement project, like a renovation or redecoration, or needs home repairs in a hurry—John Lewis Home Solutions provides access to trusted contractors, plumbers, interior designers, electricians, and more in an instant.

To create the infrastructure for John Lewis Home Solutions, Twilio APIs provided a “plug and play” solution for their contact center. In this video, Richard Ambler, John Lewis Head of Business Development, shared how the company is combining human and digital interactions to create great customer experiences that feel consistent with the John Lewis brand.