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How to Obtain a Programmable Asset Tracker

Programmable Asset Tracker Private Beta

The Twilio Programmable Asset Tracker is in a pre-release phase and the information contained in this document is subject to change. Some features referenced below may not be fully available until the Programmable Asset Tracker reaches General Availability (GA) release.

The Twilio Programmable Asset Tracker is the first asset tracking system that is ready to deploy into production right out of the box yet is also fully open and customizable.

Say goodbye to fixed-functionality closed asset trackers that are designed to please everyone but rarely meet all the needs of your unique use case.

Instead, say hello to a feature-rich asset tracker that combines a solid hardware foundation with an open source application that not only lets you tailor any of the device’s function to your needs but comes with full source code loaded into an online IDE to allow you to start customizing and deploying personalized product from anywhere in the world.

1. Join the Programmable Asset Tracker Private Beta program

Twilio is thrilled to announce the commencement of the Programmable Asset Tracker Private Beta program. Selected participants will be able to order Asset Trackers singly or in packs of ten from the Twilio Console.

To learn more about the Programmable Asset Tracker, please visit the Programmable Asset Tracker info page.

If you’d like to discuss your use case and how the Programmable Asset Tracker can be tailored to it, or you have other questions about the Private Beta Program, please reach out to us at

To join the Private Beta program, please follow instructions in Step 2, below, and submit the Private Beta Request Form.

2. Set up your Twilio and Electric Imp account

Applicants who are selected to participate in the Private Beta program will be contacted by email from If you are a successful applicant, you can opt in to the Private Beta program by providing us with the following information:

  • The SID of your Twilio account.
  • The username of your Twilio Electric Imp account.

If you haven’t yet created either of these, you will need to do so before opting in to the program and gaining access to the Asset Tracker order page in the Twilio Console.

Asset Trackers operate on top of the Electric Imp platform, Twilio’s managed Internet of Things security and management cloud. Asset Tracker fleets and their code they run are maintained through Electric Imp’s development, testing, and management console impCentral. Visit impCentral to create your Electric Imp account.

Ordering Asset Trackers requires a full Twilio account. Programmable Asset Tracker Private Beta Program membership is not open to trial account holders. If you wish to join the program, you will need to upgrade your account. You can learn how to do this here.

3. Submit your account details

To submit your account information, please visit this page and enter your details.

4. Order your Asset Trackers from the Twilio Console

When your Private Beta Program membership has been granted, you will receive a notification email, and your Twilio account will gain access to the Asset Tracker order page.

From that time, you can visit the Internet of Things > Order SIMs section in the Twilio Console, and scroll down to the Programmable Asset Tracker area. Here you can place your order for new Asset Trackers. You can order units one at a time, for development and evaluation, or in batches of ten for field trials.

Order your Asset Trackers from the Twilio Console

When you are ready to move to the next phase, and go into production, please contact to discuss volume order prices and process.

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