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Ordering System via SMS

By Twilio

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This application shows how you can design an SMS ordering system (in this case for coffee orders). It allows customers to send their order in via SMS, the order is being recognized and then shows up automatically on the orders web interface that can be opened on for example a tablet. Once the barista (or whoever produces the order) finishes a specific order, they click the button on the orders interface and the customer receives an SMS back.

Additional features in this application are:

  • Multi event support (support multiple events/locations at the same time)
  • Customize available products
  • Handle spelling mistakes
  • Get queue position and cancel orders via SMS
  • Broadcast messages to all customers or only the ones with active orders
  • Custom messages when events are offline

diagram of message flow for ordering system

Step 1:

Step 2: You need an API key to get started

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Step 3: Set up the code sample locally



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