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Twilio Changelog

Additions and changes to the Twilio platform

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We recently discovered a bug in our calculation of Post Dial Delay (PDD) for PSTN/SIP calls with more than one routing attempt.This resulted in an incorrect calculation of PDD and for these calls we were reporting a PDD value which was higher than the actual value.Starting 23 September 2022 all calculations of PDD in VoiceInsights (Console and API) will reflect the correct and updated value. 

For more information, please refer our docs.

We recently discovered a bug in our calculation of Post Dial Delay (PDD) for PSTN/SIP calls with more than one routing attempt. This resulted in an incorrect calculation of PDD and for these calls we were reporting a PDD value which was higher than the actual value.  Starting 23 September 2022, all calculations of PDD in VoiceInsights (Console and API) will reflect the correct and updated value. 

For more information, please refer our docs.

Twilio Java Helper Library’s major version 9.0.0 is now available.We ensured that you can upgrade to Java Helper Library 9.0.0 version without any breaking changes.

Behind the scenes we improved our Java Helper Library generation process enabling us to rapidly add new features and enhance consistency across versions and languages.

To learn more about the Java Helper Library, check out our docs.

Programmable Messaging

Link Shortening is now in Public Beta Beta

Link Shortening is now accessible in public beta on the Programmable Messaging API. This functionality enables you to programmatically shorten long links with your own company branded domain without any extra API calls. You can also set up your webhook to receive click events when recipients of the messages click on the shortened link. 

Read our API documentation to get started.

Twilio SendGrid Platform

Twilio SendGrid: Email Monitor to be Retired Deprecated

Twilio SendGrid will retire Email Monitor on December 13, 2022. Email Monitor allows customers to retrieve a sample of their Subusers' emails for reputation monitoring. Due to low adoption, we will remove Email Monitor as part of our work to simplify and improve the Twilio SendGrid user experience.

On December 13, 2022, you will not be able to use or access Email Monitor. If Email Monitor is essential to your experience, please adapt your workflow or build a custom solution to fit your needs prior to this date.

Programmable Voice

New Amazon Polly Voices available for <Say> GA

Twilio has updated its Text-to-Speech offering adding support for new Amazon Polly Neural Voices. This release includes higher quality voices for the following languages: French (Canada) (fr-CA), English (UK) (en-UK), German (de-DE), English (India) (en-IN), Hindi (hi-IN) and Spanish (US) (es-US).

Try new enhanced voices in your IVR applications by selecting them in the Text-to-Speech section of the Twilio Console, by setting them in your TwiML <Say> attributes or using Studio <Say> Widget. For more information on the voices and on pricing, please visit Twilio Text-to-Speech docs.

Monitor fraudulent attempts to send SMS that were detected and blocked by Verify Automatic SMS fraud detection (ASFD), Geo-permissions, and more. 

Check it out on the console and read our documentation to learn more.

Twilio Frontline's web client (beta) now supports browser push notificaations on Chrome, Edge, and Firefox. The web interface will now also indicate new unread message counts in the primary navigation and browser tab.

Programmable Messaging

Message Scheduling is now HIPAA Eligible GA

Message Scheduling can now be used to develop compliant healthcare applications that contain protected health information (PHI) for organizations that are subject to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Twilio will sign Business Associate Addendums (BAA) with covered entities and business associates for HIPAA Eligible Products and Services.

Learn more about how to build on Twilio for HIPAA compliance.

SendGrid Email API

New Relic Integrations Removed, August 30, 2022 Deprecated

Twilio SendGrid no longer supports SendGrid for New Relic and the related integration features as of August 30, 2022.

Effective August 30, 2022, Twilio SendGrid removed New Relic integrations and dashboard. If you used New Relic integrations to review your email program metrics, please use Deliverability Insights for a streamlined, in-app view of your email delivery performance over time.

This removal does not affect your ability to send mail.

Twilio has implemented an urgent precautionary measure to protect Programmable Messaging accounts created before April 2019 from possible exploitations of their service by automatically disabling unused SMS Geo Permissions.  We’re taking this action to protect customers from potential fraud known as SMS Traffic Pumping. Given the rise of fraud in the ecosystem, we want to help ensure that we minimize potential exploits and reduce the risks faced by our customers.   Disabling destination countries your business doesn’t serve or uses infrequently is an additional line of defense against fraudulent activity. See this Help Center article for more information on SMS Traffic Pumping Fraud and how to protect your applications from it.   

Why only accounts created before April 2019?

Accounts created during and before March 2019 previously had SMS Geo Permissions enabled globally by default.   For our customers’ convenience and protection, Twilio will disable SMS Geo Permissions on a one-time basis for country destinations to which messages have not been sent in the 30 day period from 23 July 2022 to 22 August 2022.    This one-time action on accounts will begin on 25 August 2022 and end on or before 9 September 2022.    

If needed, you can enable or disable SMS Geo Permissions to any country at any time in Twilio Console by following the steps in this Support Article

Twilio Verify has released Automatic SMS Fraud Detection to help you combat fraud and improve your SMS OTP conversion rate. This feature works automatically at no additional cost. 

  • Read our blog about how it has already helped some customers reduce their daily spend by as much as 35% and doubled their conversion rate in certain countries.
  • Check out our docs for feature details.

Programmable Messaging

Message Scheduling Now Generally Available GA

Twilio Message Scheduling is now generally available for use!

Message scheduling enables developers to schedule and send an SMS, MMS or WhatsApp for a time in the future, all within a single API call. Iterations since our beta release include adding support for HIPAA Eligibility, enabling a scheduled message to send 15 min in advance (previously 60 min), and increasing the account usage limitations to enable higher volume sending.

For more information, see the Message Scheduling Documentation.

Programmable Video

Introducing AI-Based Noise Cancellation in Twilio Video GA

We are excited to announce AI-Based Noise Cancellation in Twilio Video to help developers remove unwanted sounds and build high quality meeting experiences. Built in partnership with leading noise suppression vendor, the Krisp Audio Plugin for Twilio Video can be added to your browser application in a few lines of code. 

This feature is available for Group Rooms in the JavaScript SDK. Please read our documentation to learn how to use noise cancellation in your video application. You can also watch a demo of this feature and learn more about the value of noise cancellation in our blog.

TaskRouter now supports the evaluation of Activity name and SID in Worker expressions for the Worker-list API.

For example, developers can use this to fetch workers in different activities using GET /Workers?TargetWorkersExpression=activity_name in ['ABC', 'XYZ'] or to fetch workers using a partial name match using GET /Workers?TargetWorkersExpression=activity_name contains 'MNO'.

For more detailed information please refer to the expression syntax documentation and the Worker Resource documentation.

Twilio SendGrid Platform

Twilio SendGrid IP Management Refresh GA

Twilio SendGrid has launched a refresh of the IP management UI with pagination and performance improvements. Customers are now able to filter their dedicated IPs by IP prefix, date added range, or IP pool. The updated UI allows customers to filter for IP Pools by IP prefix or pool name substring. Calls to retrieve subusers assigned to IPs and IPs assigned to pools are all paginated.

There are no other changes to existing capabilities. No action is required for customers at this time.

The retention policy on Functions and Assets is being updated.

Functions without any Function Versions and older than 7 days will be deleted. 

Assets without any Asset Versions that are older than 7 days will also be deleted.

Function Versions and Asset Versions older than 7 days and not part of an active deployment will be deleted. 

Builds that have been inactive/not deployed for 7 days will be deleted.

This policy will not impact any active deployments at any point. This policy will only apply to users using the API, Serverless Toolkit or the new UI editor. If you are using Assets just for Flex Plugins there should be no implications for you. This policy does not apply to Functions(Classic) and Assets(Classic). 

There is no action required on your side but please be aware that if you are using the Serverless API or Serverless Toolkit to roll back your deployments to previous Builds, you'll no longer be able to roll back to any builds older than 7 days. If you need to keep track of older versions of your files and code, we recommend using a dedicated version control system such as git together with the Serverless Toolkit or API. 

This new policy will come into effect on September 15, 2022. You can read more about this deletion policy here.

Inbound Processing Region API Now Available GA

Twilio Inbound Processing Region API is now available for use. This API allows customers to select the destination Region for inbound calls to their Twilio phone numbers, SIP Trunks, or SIP Domains.

For more information, see the Inbound Processing Region Documentation

Twilio Flex’s Agent Desktop has been tested in Microsoft Edge, which can now be used as a supported browser for versions 1.32.2 and above.

For more information, see the Flex UI Requirements page.

TaskRouter now emits events for Workspace, Workflow, and Activity resources upon create, update, and delete operations.

For more detailed information please refer to the Events Reference documentation.

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