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  • By Kelley Robinson
    Get started building push authentication with React Native and Twilio Verify Get started building push authentication with React Native and Twilio Verify

    Verify Push is a powerful API and SDK that turns a mobile device into a secure key that can replace passwords or add two-factor authentication to web or mobile login. Push authentication is one of the most secure and user friendly forms of authentication and our React Native SDK makes it easy to write familiar JavaScript code for iOS, Android, or both!

    This blog post will walk through how to get up and running with our React Native SDK and sample application to see Verify Push in action on your device or emulator. This is a great way to experience the functionality and get your development environment set up properly. It's also a good starting point for adding push authentication to your own application.

    Prerequisites for building push authentication with React Native

    To code along with this post you'll need:

    • A free Twilio account; sign into an existing account or …
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  • By Twilio
    What Is Mobile Authentication? Mobile Authentication.png

    Today, mobile phones can pretty much do anything that was once traditionally done on a computer. Online shopping, paying bills, checking bank accounts, you name it. Both consumers and employers tend to use personal mobile devices in the office and on the go, so securing those devices from potential hackers is a crucial step to implement in your routine.

    Mobile authentication is the verification of a user’s identity through the use of a mobile device and one or more authentication methods to ensure secure access. If you want to keep your online accounts safe, enabling mobile authentication across your devices is the single most important step you can take. While no security measure is fully hack proof, there are steps to lock access to your important accounts and information.

    How to implement mobile authentication

    As more and more companies and private users see an increase in security breaches due to …

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  • By Jesse Sumrak
    SMS Marketing Pros & Cons: Why Your Business Should Use SMS SMS Marketing Pros & Cons: Why Your Business Should Use SMS

    SMS marketing is the next messaging frontier. When it comes to communication between customers and businesses, email and SMS are the most preferred channels. In fact, more than 39% of consumers prefer to receive SMS messages from companies—that's more than for mobile apps, social media channels, messaging apps, or phone calls.

    Yet, SMS is an untapped channel. While 83% of people received an SMS message from a business in 2020, only 70% of brands used the medium to communicate with customers or employees.

    If you're one of the businesses yet to embrace SMS marketing, this article is for you.

    Below, we'll walk you through the pros and cons you need to consider before adopting an SMS marketing strategy. First, let's look at why you should use SMS for marketing. Then, we'll briefly touch on different ways your business can use text marketing.

    Advantages of SMS marketing for businesses …

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  • By Mark Lewin
    Create a Cold War-Era Numbers Station with Twilio Voice and Python Flask Create a Cold War-Era Numbers Station with Twilio Voice and Python Flask

    Put on your fedora and dark glasses, because you’re about to become a Cold War-era numbers station operator!

    What is a numbers station, I hear you ask? A numbers station is a radio station in the shortwave frequency band that periodically reads out a sequence of numbers, popularly believed to be a secret code for intelligence officers listening for encrypted information. Numbers stations appeared during World War I and are likely to have become much more prevalent during the Cold War.

    In the past, the numbers were often spoken in what sounded like a creepy voice, probably due to the poor radio transmission quality available at the time. You can listen to a few recent examples of numbers station transmissions on the Crypto Museum's website. Some numbers stations survive to this very day.

    Since many people enjoy cracking secret codes, I thought it would be fun to show you …

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  • By Sam Agnew
    How to set up domain authentication for Twilio SendGrid Copy of C02 Blog Text (2).png

    When working with Twilio SendGrid APIs such as Inbound Parse, one of the first steps after creating a free account is to set up domain authentication. This can be a tedious process, but once you are finished you will be able to write code to receive emails.

    Let's walk through how to authenticate your domain with Twilio SendGrid step-by-step so you can get on to important things like writing code.

    Tutorial Requirements

    To follow this tutorial you will need to have the following items:

    • A Twilio SendGrid account — If you are new to Twilio SendGrid you can create a free account, which allows you to send 100 emails per day forever.
    • A domain on which you will receive emails. For the purposes of this article, I’m going to use yourdomainhere.com. You will need to replace it with your own domain name.

    With that taken care of, …

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  • By Twilio
    How to Retrieve & Restore Deleted Text Messages Retrieve and Restore Deleted Texts.png

    Businesses thrive when consistently interacting with customers and clients, but not all of the exchanges are via email. Some occur on external platforms, while others are on mobile SMS or MMS. There are numerous inbound and outbound inquiries, responses, and other types of messages that flood inboxes every day, making it easy for anyone to accidentally delete an important text message. Learn how to restore deleted text messages on an iPhone or Android.

    Data loss can severely hinder operation and communication between businesses and consumers. It’s important to be prepared for the worst so that when it does happen, your business doesn’t incur costs or lose time—and will be able to facilitate stress-free, secure conversations.

    The following are some useful tips on how to recover deleted text messages.

    How to restore deleted text messages on iPhone

    Most current iPhone models back up SMS messages on iCloud, Apple’s storage and computing …

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  • By Matthew Setter
    Authenticate Uploads to Amazon S3 in SlimPHP Using Twilio Verify Authenticate Uploads to S3 in SlimPHP Using Twilio Verify

    It's hard to get away from cloud storage in modern web application development; and with good reason!

    Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) providers such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, and Alibaba Cloud make storing data anywhere in the world almost trivial, regardless of programming language, operating system, and budget.

    Whether you're storing instrumentation data from a Raspberry Pi-based weather station, or medical records for a nation-state, cloud providers are up to the task. However, they don't do everything for you. They won’t handle tasks such as only letting valid users store legitimate files.

    So in this tutorial, you're going to learn how to use Twilio's Verify API to validate uploads to an Amazon S3 bucket in a Slim framework application which uses the Twig templating engine for the view templates.

    Tutorial Requirements

    To follow this tutorial you need the following components:

    • PHP 7.4, …
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  • By Twilio
    How to Add Someone to a Business Group Text How to add to Group Text.png

    Texting is an easy way to stay in touch with your co-workers, especially post the advent of remote work. It’s become so popular that making phone calls is now a thing of the past, which means group texts are the new normal in communication.

    Here, we’ll explain exactly how to add people to a group text so you can enhance communication with your co-workers. We’ll also discuss how you can use tools like Twilio Conversations to initiate conversations between more than 2 people over multiple channels.

    Why are group texts important in business?

    Most businesses can benefit from adding group messages to a communication plan. Since 90% of text messages are read within 30 minutes of receipt, you can almost guarantee your employees will see your message and get back to you in a timely manner. Not to mention, having to wait for a co-worker to read an email …

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  • By Diane Phan
    How to Integrate Ngrok in a Twilio Java Application header - How to Integrate Ngrok in a Twilio Java Application

    When you are developing an application that uses Twilio services you need to expose your webhooks on public URLs that can be reached by Twilio. If you have followed some of the tutorials that we published on this blog you know that we recommend using the excellent ngrok tool to generate temporary public URLs for your development web server. Ngrok is an incredibly useful tool that creates a tunnel from a URL on the ngrok.io domain to your application running on your computer. You can then configure your webhook using the ngrok URL and when Twilio sends a request to it, ngrok redirects it to your application.

    If you use ngrok frequently enough, it pays off to become a paid customer, which allows you to secure a permanent URL.

    In this article I’m going to show you how to fully automate ngrok by incorporating it into your Java application. …

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  • By Mia Adjei
    Build an Audio Livestream App with Twilio Live Build an Audio Livestream App with Twilio Live

    The amount of online audio content and livestreams is increasing every day. More and more, people are tuning into audio for news, music, fitness, study, and entertainment. So if you have been thinking about creating something in the audio space, maybe you have considered building your own live audio application.

    Perhaps you've already explored Twilio Live to livestream your video feed or create a live screen share. But did you know you can use Twilio Live to create an audio-only experience as well?

    In this tutorial, you will learn how to build an audio livestream application with Twilio Live and React, and then deploy it using Twilio Functions and the Twilio Serverless Toolkit. This will allow you to start sharing your live audio with your friends and community right away. In this project, you'll also use the Twilio Paste design system to quickly build and style your …

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