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The Owl’s Nest: Inside Twilio

  • By Harini Rangarajan
    Security Metrics that Count Security Metrics that Count

    Quantifying security has been a hot topic for a long time, and it is extremely difficult to do. Unlike other areas of a technology-based company, security isn’t typically a revenue generator, so it is often only viewed as a cost center. A security-based organization prevents bad things from happening to their customers and their customers' data, but it's hard to quantify things that don’t happen. We on Twilio’s Security team have been working to figure out the best metrics to successfully portray our security capabilities, and show how the changing security posture of the company is contributing to our revenue.

    Our vision is to use security metrics to drive change within the organization, to celebrate improvements over time which help us better protect Twilio’s customers, and to measure our security program. We want our security metrics to both help Engineering teams and help us understand the maturity of our …

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  • By Anand Rengarajan
    Career Building @ Twilio: The Making of a Software Engineer Anand_CareerJourney_SoftwarenEngineering_EB

    Instead of a computer science degree or coding boot camp, I earned an economics degree with a minor in business. I ran marketing campaigns and built KPI dashboards. Not an ideal set of skills for someone dreaming of a software engineering job, but that was my resume in 2016. Fast forward to 2021, and I’m proud to say I’ve been a Software Engineer at Twilio for three years!

    Plan A: Feeling lost but finding passion.

    After graduating in 2013 with an economics degree in hand, I had no idea what I wanted to do with my career. I felt completely lost. For the next few years, I worked in different roles at different companies, each time discovering what I didn’t want to do.

    But while at Google, Zenefits, and later at Twilio (starting in a non-engineering position), a pattern emerged. Although I wasn’t hired for technical roles, I obsessively worked …

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  • By Twilio
    How Women in Sales are Balancing Work and Family in 2021 Women in sales

    This past September, Twilio had the privilege of being a gold sponsor of the 4th Annual Sistas In Sales Summit 2021. For those who aren't aware, Sistas in Sales is an organization that unites women of color together in a series of networking events, panel discussions, and socials to provide mentorship, access to sales leaders, and community.

    Why is work/life balance important? And why now?

    According to McKinsey's latest Women in the Workplace report, a year and a half into the COVID-19 pandemic, women in corporate jobs are even more burned out than they were a year ago—and increasingly more so than men. Despite this, it's women who are stepping up to support employee well-being and diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts. That's especially true of women of color who have ambitions to be top executives despite facing so many challenges to advancement — not the least of which is work-life …

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  • By Jill Barrientos
    Finding My Purpose: My Pathway to Twilio's Sales Team Jill Barrientos_Blog Header_Women in Sales (2).png

    When I joined Twilio last October 2020, I did a lot of research, and because of this, I was very sure of what to expect. I read Glassdoor employee reviews. I researched those working in what would be my role. I read through Twilio's values on the website and analyzed which ones resonated with me, and I was delighted by everyone during the interview process. But there are little impactful things that fill our day-to-day life with purpose. And it's those little things that serve as an inspiration for this piece.

    How can I find my place in a global company with over four thousand employees — all working remotely?

    Within the first thirty days of joining Twilio as an Account Executive, I volunteered to help the Operation Fistula team reach hundreds of women in Madagascar suffering from fistulas. I also served as moderator with Techqueria for an external event …

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  • By Twilio
    Twilio Gives Back Globally Twilio Gives Back Globally_Blog Header.png

    Corporate philanthropy is nothing new: brands have long been keen on giving back. But in recent years, companies are stepping up like never before and making giving back part of their corporate ethos. As a company, Twilio is committed to giving back to the communities in which we live and work, offering up the time and talents of our employees — and the global resources of our business — to create positive, lasting impact. In fact, every Twilion (what we call our employees) globally has the opportunity to regularly give back to causes that resonate with them.

    As we support local and regional programs and charities that our employees are passionate about, there's an incredible feeling of gratitude that comes from helping improve lives around the corner — and around the world! But we've also witnessed a remarkable side benefit: deepened engagement with the public in general and with local …

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  • By Twilio
    A Conversation with Marc Boroditsky, Chief Revenue Officer at Twilio A conversation with Marc Boroditsky

    Take one look at Marc Boroditisky's LinkedIn profile, and it's immediately apparent that he is an innovative and successful sales leader. But it's also quite clear that he hasn't had a traditional career path.

    Boroditsky has founded, built, and sold several companies, including Numera and Passlogix. When Passlogix was sold to Oracle, Boroditsky signed on to lead their Identity Management product lines. Then, after advising Authy, the two-factor authentication startup, Boroditsky joined on as President and COO. A casual lunch with Twilio founder Jeff Lawson led to Authy’s acquisition and a role as Twilio's VP & GM for Authentication before moving to a sales leadership role. In 2020, he took on global responsibilities as Chief Revenue Officer for Twilio.

    In a recent blog post, Boroditsky weighed in on how Twilio is building a world-class sales organization and what that looks like. It was such an insightful discussion that …

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  • By Solutions Engineering Interns
    What is a Solutions Engineering Intern? Header Image for Solution Engineer Interns

    Alright, so the million dollar question: What is a Solutions Engineering intern and more importantly, what is a Solutions Engineer? Don’t worry - none of us truly knew what the role was either when we applied for this opportunity. But, we sure are happy we did! Three months at our Twilio internship gave us an idea of the Solutions Engineering role and insight into the creative, critical-thinking behind it all.

    What is a Solutions / Sales Engineer (SE)?

    As our Solutions Engineering internship comes to a close, it’s clear that being an SE brings to life a unique and vibrant intersection between people and technology.

    The SE role is part sales and part technical - also known as the perfect hybrid of soft and hard skills. The ‘S’ or sales component requires SEs to be trusted technical advisors as they focus on solutioning for customer problems. The ‘E’ or engineering …

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  • By Twilio
    Hiring Trusted Advisors To Build A World-Class Sales Organization Hiring Trusted Advisors To Build A World-Class Sales Organization

    Assembling a stellar sales team is never easy. Most sales leaders consider hiring and retaining the right talent as more important and as challenging as ensuring a consistent pipeline of quality leads.

    The struggle to hire salespeople has more to do with the types of roles offered than with a shortage of candidates. Part of the problem is tied to the decades-old stereotype of traditional sales: a pressure-cooker environment where workers rely on desperate tactics to make daily sales goals. It's how the phrase "Always Be Closing" got started.

    Twilio's Approach: Creating a Sales Opportunity of a Lifetime

    This win-at-all-costs mentality doesn't gel with Twilio. Our approach to selling had to be about more than just closing a deal. We wanted to have a significant impact on our customers by forging genuine relationships, becoming trusted advisors, and helping customers solve problems and seize opportunities.

    Early on, Twilio recognized that sales …

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  • By Luís Leão
    ¿Qué hace Twilio? ¿Qué hace Twilio?

    Todos interactuamos con nuestros teléfonos todos los días. No se puede ir a ningún lado sin ellos. Además, existe una buena posibilidad de que, de alguna manera u otra, usted haya interactuado con un sistema telefónico con tecnología de Twilio. Sin embargo, dado que Twilio funciona en segundo plano para acortar la brecha entre las aplicaciones y los teléfonos basados en la Web, es difícil comprender exactamente cómo encaja Twilio en el flujo de las comunicaciones de los clientes.

    ¿Qué es lo que realmente hace Twilio? ¿Y cómo lo hace? Para responder estas preguntas, primero necesitaremos un poco de información del mundo de la telefonía.

    Mantendremos este debate en un nivel alto, pero, al final de este artículo, hay enlaces a información más detallada sobre algunos conceptos clave.

    El mundo de las telecomunicaciones

    Hay una red antigua allí afuera. Más antigua que Internet. Una que permite las comunicaciones de voz …

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  • By Twilio
    Twilions participate in a meeting-free week! #TwilioThinkWeek Think Week

    Working from home. Sharing makeshift office spaces with roommates or partners, or noisy kids, or needy pets. Zoom fatigue. Too many meetings. Wouldn’t it be great if we all had some time to think?

    Well, Twilio did just that. We’re just coming out of one big company-wide “Think Week” that took place globally from July 5-9. And, as Twilio is in the midst of a hiring spree with hundreds of jobs open for developers, managers, and sales professionals, we wanted to give potential candidates a feel for how Twilio is listening to employees and making room for thinking.

    What is Think Week?

    Twilio's Think Week is a global initiative during which Twilions everywhere get to focus on whatever is important to them without the disruption of internal meetings. It's an opportunity to reflect on the first half of the year, determine where they are with their BPMs (our acronym for …

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