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  • By Twilio
    Changes to Twilio’s Messaging API Response Headers have been Cancelled api-response-header-changes-cancelled

    The change we announced in March 2022 to API response headers for all SMS and MMS messages sent via Twilio’s Messaging APIs has been canceled. The updates to our terms and policies, which were jointly announced with the potential pending content verification API response header change, are unaffected by this announcement and remain in effect.

    Twilio continues to strive for high message deliverability and to keep consumers safe. Thank you for doing your part in promoting trusted communications by ensuring your compliance with Twilio’s Acceptable Use Policy and Messaging Policy and securing proper consent from senders and recipients before messages are sent.

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  • By Robin Grochol
    Uma Nova Era de Engajamento do Cliente com Base em Dados Chegou: Twilio Engage Já Está Disponível Twilio Engage agora disponível ao publico

    • O Twilio Engage, a solução de engajamento do cliente que prioriza os dados, já está disponível no mercado.
    • De forma exclusiva, o Twilio Engage une o poder de uma CDP (Customer Data Platform, plataforma de dados do cliente) nativa e omnichannel em uma única solução de marketing, a fim de oferecer experiências personalizadas orientadas por dados em escala.
    • O Twilio Engage vem ajudando nossos clientes da área de marketing a impulsionar um crescimento eficiente, reduzindo o tempo de retorno de investimento e os custos de captação de clientes, aumentando o valor de vida útil do cliente.

    Os profissionais de marketing de hoje estão sendo solicitados a fazer mais com menos. Com isso, o crescimento eficiente torna-se ainda mais importante e as formas de comunicação personalizadas e precisas são absolutamente essenciais para atingir seus objetivos.

    Para aprofundar o relacionamento com clientes, as empresas devem ser capazes de oferecer experiências personalizadas em …

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  • By Robin Grochol
    Llegó una Nueva Era de Interacción Con El Cliente Basada En Datos: Twilio Engage Ya Está Disponible Para Todos Twilio Engage ya está disponible para todos
    • Twilio Engage, la solución de interacción con el cliente basada en datos, ya está disponible para todos.
    • Twilio Engage ofrece de manera única la potencia de una plataforma de datos de clientes (CDP) y una omnicanalidad nativa en una sola solución de marketing para ofrecer experiencias personalizadas a escala y basadas en datos.
    • Twilio Engage ayuda a nuestros clientes de marketing a impulsar un crecimiento eficiente, ya que reduce el tiempo de creación de valor y los costos de adquisición de clientes, y aumenta el valor de por vida del cliente.

    Hoy en día, los especialistas de marketing deben hacer más con menos, por lo que el crecimiento eficiente es más importante que nunca y las comunicaciones personalizadas y precisas son absolutamente fundamentales para alcanzar sus objetivos.

    Para profundizar la relación con el cliente e impulsar un crecimiento eficiente, los especialistas de marketing deben poder ofrecer experiencias personalizadas en todo …

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  • By Hiroto Masaki
    changelog 投稿内容のサマリ (2022年11月上旬の内容) changelogNov1stHalf2022JP

    /changelogサイトへの投稿内容を、こちら/blogサイトに抄訳版として定期的にまとめてご案内しております。製品アップデートの内容のご確認にお役立てください。■■ なお当抄訳版は、月2回を目安に運用しております。最新情報の取得につきましては、これまで通り、/changelogサイトの内容をRSSフィード経由あるいはTwitterチャネル経由でご確認ください。■■ 最後に、内容が正確であるよう努めますが、差異等があると判断される場合にはオリジナルの/changelogサイトの投稿を参考にするようお願いいたします。また記載の日付は米国時間帯ベースとなること、あらかじめご了承ください。

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  • By Twilio
    Introducing the First Truly Customizable Physical Asset Tracking Device: Twilio Programmable Asset Tracker Programmable Asset Tracker

    Shippers, haulers, and owners of valuable assets use Internet-connected asset tracking technology to improve operational efficiency, optimize the supply chain, and reduce losses, damage, or theft. On top of that, their customers benefit from a better experience, as the location and condition of goods can now be followed conveniently around the world.

    Current asset tracking solutions miss the mark

    The cost of the technology behind these devices has been declining, but today’s solutions all lack a critical capability. At the surface the various available devices on the market seem similar: they all contain a battery, connectivity (a cellular modem and perhaps a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth Low Energy radio), some sensors such as accelerometers, and an embedded processor. The differentiation lies in the software, and that’s where things quickly fall short.

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  • By Hiroto Masaki
    changelog 投稿内容のサマリ (2022年10月下旬の内容) changelogOctBottomHalf2022JP

    /changelogサイトへの投稿内容を、こちら/blogサイトに抄訳版として定期的にまとめてご案内しております。製品アップデートの内容のご確認にお役立てください。■■ なお当抄訳版は、月2回を目安に運用しております。最新情報の取得につきましては、これまで通り、/changelogサイトの内容をRSSフィード経由あるいはTwitterチャネル経由でご確認ください。■■ 最後に、内容が正確であるよう努めますが、差異等があると判断される場合にはオリジナルの/changelogサイトの投稿を参考にするようお願いいたします。また記載の日付は米国時間帯ベースとなること、あらかじめご了承ください。

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  • By Nathan Sharp
    Power-up Your Code Environment with Twilio Sans Mono Twilio Sans Mono Hero

    Today, we are thrilled to announce that we are releasing Twilio Sans Mono under an open source license for developers of all stripes to download and use.

    Twilio Sans Typeface selected fonts compared
    Twilio Sans is a Superfamily composed of three typefaces: Display, Text, and Mono

    Twilio Sans Mono is the latest addition to our type superfamily that also includes Twilio Sans Text for body copy and Twilio Sans Display for headlines. It is welcoming and incredibly adaptable. It can be big and bold or quiet and utilitarian. We are excited to roll it out across the entire Twilio brand. If you attended SIGNAL or have visited recently, you have already seen it in action.

    A practical, fun, and beautiful coding font

    From the outset, we wanted to create a mono font that was not only practical, but genuinely fun to use and available to all.

    We know there are already many great mono fonts …

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  • By Andrew T. Baker
    Celebrating the Twilio Developer Searchlight Honorees 2022 Developer Searchlight Hero

    As a leader in Twilio’s Developer Network, I’ve seen first-hand that no developer gets to where they are without help. It might be the person who taught you how to code, or who created an environment where you felt safe asking questions. It might be the manager who makes sure you have the resources you need to succeed. Every developer knows who I’m talking about, yet these important people often go unrecognized.

    Today, we’re proud to announce the honorees of our inaugural Developer Searchlight, a global search for people making an impact on developers through mentorship, community, or code. We’ll also be celebrating the honorees this week on SIGNAL TV.

    Spotlighting the unsung heroes

    From Chile, to Bangladesh, to Ghana, we received nominations from developers all over the world who wanted to honor the mentors playing pivotal roles in their careers. We were amazed to see how developers are …

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  • By Sushma Agnihotram
    Twilio CLI が正式リリース! TwilioCLI-GA-jp

    この記事はSushma Agnihotramこちらで公開した記事(英語)を日本語化したものです。

    Twilio Command-Line Interface (CLI) を正式リリースいたしました。Twilio CLIを使用することにより、開発ワークフローの簡素化・最適化が実現いただけます。Twilio CLIは、ビルド、テスト、デプロイ、メンテナンスをターミナルから直接行うことができ、IDE(統合開発環境)、ブラウザタブ、コンソール、ターミナル間のコンテキストスイッチの必要性を軽減することが可能です。さらにCLIは、反復タスクの自動化、ログの追加、共通のタスクをグループ化することでAPIとのインタラクションを簡素化するコマンドの使用など、様々なことに使用することが可能です。

    以降で、Twilio CLIの主要機能の概要を説明します。




    $ twilio api:<command>

    Twilio CLIがAPIの単純なラッパーであるレベルを超えて、お客様が開発・運用上のタスクを迅速に完了できるように、最も一般的な機能をCLIコマンドにまとめています。

    例えば、あなたの国や市外局番で利用可能な電話番号のリストを表示するには …

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  • By Robin Elrod
    Twilio SIGNAL 2022、盛り沢山のイベントですのでお見逃しなく! TwSIGNAL22JP

    この記事はRobin Elrodこちらで公開した記事(英語)を日本語化したものです。


    Twilio SIGNAL 2022に今すぐご登録(無料)いただけます。

    北中南米&欧州: 2022年11月2日~3日|アジア環太平洋: 2022年11月3日~4日


    10. SIGNALイベントはオンライン実施、しかも無料!


    デジタルイベント体験のビデオプレビュー(1分 …

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