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Customer Highlights

  • By Tony Lama
    Get started with Twilio Flex in record time with Xcelerate, by Waterfield Technologies Get started with Twilio Flex in record time with Xcelerate, by Waterfield Technologies

    Amazing customer experiences are built by developers that understand their unique customer’s needs, however, having a head start never hurts. Utilizing pre-built functionality can provide a foundation for your developers to build and customize on top of.

    Twilio has partnered with Waterfield Technologies to launch Xcelerate, a new offering that helps organizations get started even faster with Flex. Xcelerate comes with pre-built functionality, implementation, and ongoing managed services for Twilio Flex, that can be deployed in record time. Unlike other contact center solutions, Xcelerate by Waterfield enables your developers to own your contact center roadmap and use API programmability to continue to build on your pre-designed Twilio Flex environment.

    Waterfield has 30+ years of experience in designing digital contact center solutions for hundreds of customers. Twilio product collaborated with Waterfield’s experts to design plug-ins that give customers access to pre-built functionality, including:

    Waterfield Flex Capabilities

    Xcelerate utilizes Waterfield’s expertise in designing digital contact …

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  • By Luís Leão
    Integrar ServiceNow en Flex Integrar ServiceNow en Flex

    ¿Desea ver Twilio Flex en acción? Mire nuestra demostración interactiva.

    ¿Está listo para comenzar a construir su centro de contacto? Ofrecemos $5,000 en horas Flex GRATIS para ayudarlo a comenzar. Regístrese y empiece a compilar con Twilio Flex.

    El trasfondo

    Southwest es conocida por el amor que demuestra a sus clientes. Ha sido el n.o 1 en la clasificación de satisfacción al consumidor del Departamento de transporte de 24 de los últimos 28 años, se clasificaron como n.° 8 en la lista de empresas más admiradas del mundo de Fortune en el 2018 y también lograron rentabilidad en 46 de los 52 años de su existencia. La misión de Southwest es “convertirse en la aerolínea más querida, más volada y más rentable del mundo” y parecen estar en el camino correcto para lograrlo.

    Southwest estaba logrando esta meta. Pero Jonathan, un desarrollador sénior de Southwest, asistió SIGNAL el año pasado …

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  • By Steph Moorhead
    A Year of 1 Trillion Emails: The Customers Who Sent Them A YEAR OF 1 TRILLION EMAILS - 2340x1000 - NO TEXT@2x.png

    This article originally appeared on the Twilio SendGrid blog.

    During a year of change, email has become an even more crucial connection between businesses and their customers. Email engagement increased by 200% in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. As more customers stay at home, checking the inbox has become a regular part of customers’ daily routines—day and night, we check-in with our favorite brands and organizations. 

    In 2020, Twilio SendGrid kept businesses connected to their customers by reliably processing over 1 trillion emails. Imagine 1 trillion letter-sized pieces of paper lined up end to end. That’s 173 million miles—long enough to travel to Mars and back when it's closest to Earth. Twice!

    This incredible feat would not have been possible without our customers: senders both large and small who trusted us to deliver email to their customers. To celebrate this milestone, here’s a look at a few …

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  • By Charlie Weems
    How Texas is Using Twilio Flex with Direct Inward Dialing to Distribute Vaccines How Texas is Using Twilio Flex to Distribute Vaccines.png

    Most Twilio.org customers use Flex as a call center. We see all sorts of use-cases, from food-banks, to crisis lines, to disaster response. In late December, a joint team from the Southwest Texas Regional Advisory Council and the Texas Division of Emergency Management were tasked with assisting COVID-19 vaccine distribution and needed a hybrid of a hotline and phone system.

    After vaccines became available in the United States, state and local agencies across the country needed to act fast to ensure that supply chain partners and medical providers had accurate, up to date information. Texas needed to coordinate information like when shipments would arrive, how to request new shipments, and how to safely store vaccines for use are critical pieces of information to ensure that vaccines are distributed effectively.

    Within one day we deployed a solution that has since handled several thousand calls about vaccine distribution logistics. In this …

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  • By Karla Nussbaumer
    How Contact Centers Are Adapting To The New Normal Contact Center Changes

    Twilio is offering a new program called Flex Boost to provide up to $100,000 in free Active User Hours to organizations impacted by or responding to COVID-19.

    You can find more information about Flex Boost, including links to helpful technical and operations resources, along with information on how to get started on the following page.

    The COVID-19 outbreak has shown us that most organizations were not prepared to deal with a worldwide crisis of this magnitude. Fortunately, we can adapt how we operate and get work done out of an office with technology such as contact centers.

    Working from home is nothing new – the technology to do it has been available for more than 15 years. However, during this new reality, some organizations are now figuring out how to conduct business as usual during these unexpected times, discovering video conferencing, remote team collaboration, and distributed contact centers, among …

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  • By Justin Young
    Integrating ServiceNow with Flex ServiceNow Flex Integration

    Want to see Twilio Flex in action? Check out our interactive demo.

    Ready to start building your contact center? We're offering $5,000 worth of free Flex Hours to help you get started. Sign up and start building with Twilio Flex!

    The Backstory

    Southwest is known for the LUV they show their customers. They have been #1 on the Department of Transportation's Consumer Satisfaction Ranking for 24 of the last 28 years, were ranked #8 on Fortune's World's Most Admired Companies list in 2018, and also achieved profitability for 46 of the 52 years they've been around. Southwest's mission is "to become the world's most loved, most flown, and most profitable airline" and they seem to be on the right track to accomplish it.

    Southwest was crushing this goal. But Jonathan, a senior developer at Southwest, attended SIGNAL last year and saw the potential of Flex to improve their Service Desk. …

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  • By Tim Richter
    Twilio Flex Developer Spotlight - U-Haul Jue0ovZAZNmJBr5eYSQ0qTYSfLNm8oUOzg3gROW7fh5DupE32363VbRnVuCe-djhL45kXue-1gqzWQEL28fLT7DarYkudJIljoZpgVQ-vhSsxHb08ADvYFeEdi6CmBm9aFcvTzmA

    Welcome to the second blog post of the Twilio Flex Developer Spotlight series. This time, we are featuring a team of developers at U-Haul. This post is based on my experience attending a Twilio hackathon at U-Haul headquarters in Phoenix, Arizona in May 2019.

    U-Haul International

    When you think of U-Haul, you most likely think of DIY moving trucks, trailers, and storage boxes. But did you know that U-Haul employs a team of software developers that build and maintain many of their software applications?

    The development team at U-Haul have built their technology stack including their own customer relationship management, billing, payment and web chat systems. They standardized on a premise-based voice contact center solution years ago for their contact center agents. And since the business is seasonal, they have maintained a hardware footprint capable of supporting up to twice the number of full-time agents during peak season.

    U-Haul Company’s …

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  • By Justin Pirie
    Built with Twilio Video: LearnCube Virtual Classroom mvf5B5XHrokZ8pVkLnO1hbfn9gfcnlm_NHRsb8MoxVjlriMeR_H78K4KXYlAAMAlitQrW2H68PAlw8aJZT7qEkwy-K4mcBY0Y-BfoZNOXa01dGatoItu7pRYmwYjo7SeAtrRg_PR

    Before eLearning, a student needed to commute across town or even move to a different country to get a quality education. Improvements in technology, especially in WebRTC, has taken the hassle out of connecting students with great teachers and schools.

    I’m Alex from LearnCube, virtual classroom software that specializes in helping language-learning and academic tutoring companies teach online.

    When we started four years ago, we made a bet that WebRTC would be the video technology of the future. Users much prefer the seamless experience of not having to download an external app or software. The quality has been getting better every year and it’s already superior to many many established video-conferencing providers.

    We became a Twilio customer for Programmable Video in late 2017 after learning that Twilio had acquired Kurento. What we found was a quality video platform to embed in our virtual classroom software at an affordable …

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  • By Jacob Talbot
    Fight for the Future Defends Net Neutrality with Programmable Voice and SMS fftf-header
    Did you know that Twilio.org offers credits and discounts for nonprofits and social enterprises? Learn more today.

    “It’s the free speech fight of our generation.” Evan Greer, Deputy Director at Fight for the Future, doesn’t mince words about the importance of net neutrality. “We see [the rollback of net neutrality] as something that will determine not only the future of what the internet looks like, but what the future of what our society will look like.”

    Battle for the Net

    Net neutrality is a deceptively simple concept with broad implications. Essentially, it’s the principle that internet service providers (ISPs) should treat content equally. Without net neutrality, ISPs can treat the internet like T.V., where the voices you hear are those that can afford to pay for access, whether that’s your latest Netflix binge, a startup’s homepage, or independent journalism. “Net neutrality protections are not just about how fast our …

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  • By Jacob Talbot
    The Bike Project Delivers Critical Mobility to Refugees in the UK Bike-Project-Shop
    Did you know that Twilio.org offers credits and discounts for nonprofits and social enterprises? Learn more today.

    Jem Stein is on a mission to get every refugee on a bike.

    Each year over 13,000 people seek asylum in London. Many arrive fleeing war, religious persecution, and government oppression. Once in the UK, asylum seekers face new challenges adapting to their new home. Among these, a lack of affordable transportation creates a virtual wall between refugees and basic resources like food shelters and health services. Led by founder Jem Stein, The Bike Project is breaking down this barrier, two wheels at a time.

    The Difference a Bike Makes

    Jem’s mission began after he witnessed the importance of transportation to refugees firsthand. “I mentored a Darfuri refugee named Adam at university and saw the difficulties he faced getting around London.”

    Government accommodations for asylum seekers typically reside on the outskirts of London, …

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