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  • By Michael Carpenter
    Working on the Pipeline: Sending Twilio Voice Data to Segment using Event Streams Super Mario Bros.png

    Unless you want to be stuck renting your customer data from Facebook or Google, the future of your customer engagement depends on having your own first-party data. With the death of the third-party cookie by the end of 2023, you need to adapt to a first-party future, and take steps now to build the integrations between your websites, apps, email interactions and customer data platforms (CDP) such as Segment to help deliver personalized experiences to your current and prospective customers.

    Once you've gone through to work of building the pipelines to shunt this first-party data around and aggregate it using a CDP like Segment, the next step is to find new sources of first-party data to enhance the internal representation of your customers to more accurately and effectively deliver the personalized experience 83% of customers say they prefer.

    Someone clicking a banner on your site, filling up …

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  • By Michael Carpenter
    Voice Insights機能、より一層使いやすくなっています! TwVoiceInsightsRefreshJP

    この記事はMichael Carpenterこちらで公開した記事(英語)を日本語化したものです。

    Twilio VoiceサービスのVoice Insights機能に関するドキュメントをご覧になるのが久しぶりという方もおられるでしょう。あるいは、RSSリーダーを設定してTwilioのchangelog*1からの通知内容をチェックしたり、Twitter上でTwilioのchangelogをフォローしたりする時間がないという方もおられるでしょう。でも大丈夫です。本稿では、過去数か月の間にVoice Insightsに追加された新機能を分かりやすくご案内いたします。

    (*1 日本語翻訳による補足説明は、こちらからご確認いただけます。英語オリジナルと併用のうえ、ご活用ください。)

    Voice Insightsダッシュボード多次元フィルター

    Twilioコンソール(管理画面)のVoice Insightsダッシュボード(コンソール>Monitorタブ>Insights>Calls)には、以前から多次元フィルターが搭載されていましたが、フィルタービルダー(フィルターを設定する画面部分)はもう一息という部分もありました。例えば、多次元でフィルタリングを行いたい場合でも、特定の国を通話先(To)とするか発信元(From)とするかのどちらかを選択する必要があり、混在させることはできませんでした。これに対し、Twilioではバックエンドに変更を加え、異なる方向性の次元( …

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  • By Michael Carpenter
    Catching up with Voice Insights image (1).png

    Maybe it's been a while since you poked around the Voice Insights docs, or you haven't had time to set up an RSS reader to check out items from Twilio's Changelog or follow the changelog on Twitter. Don't sweat it! We are only too happy to give you a guided tour of new features and capabilities that have been added to Voice Insights in the past few months.

    catching up.png

    Voice Insights Dashboard Multidimensional Filters

    The Voice Insights Dashboard in Console has had multidimensional filtering for a while now, but the filter builder left a little something to be desired. You couldn't mix directions so, for example, you had to choose either calls To a given country or From a given country if you wanted to filter on multiple dimensions. We have implemented changes on the backend that enable mixing dimensions from different directions. We have also updated the filter builder …

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  • By Michael Carpenter
    How I learned to stop worrying and use the PSTN how i learned to stop worrying.png

    VoIP-in' Around


    Voice-over-IP can be great, especially in places like call centers or offices with a managed network featuring properly applied quality of service, hefty bandwidth, and symmetric uplink/downlink allocations. In spots like these the improvement over traditional telephony speaks for itself: lower cost, elastic scalability, and call quality that is as-good-or-better-than plain old telephone service (POTS).

    The issue is those pesky unmanaged networks, where a customer service agent working from home, a sales rep making a call from a coffee shop, or a voice application user on a cellular network may have no visibility into the performance of the network they are on, and in most cases zero ability to make changes to the network.

    The overwhelming majority of call quality issues we see at Twilio are due to the local network conditions at the VoIP user end. Based on analysis of our Voice Insights data, on an average …

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  • By Michael Carpenter
    Getting to Know Video Log Analyzer image.png

    Introducing Video Log Analyzer

    COVID-19 accelerated the shift to video for organizations and consumers alike in the past year. Some developers who didn't even have video on their roadmap in January 2020 found themselves trying to operate video applications at scale by May. Operating a Programmable Video application requires identifying and understanding changes in behavior of Rooms and Participants. With this in mind, Twilio launched Video Log Analyzer to provide that transparency to developers.

    What is Video Log Analyzer?

    Video Log Analyzer provides detailed information about Video Rooms and Participants and can be used to quickly investigate Room and Participant issues. Though the tool launched at last year's SIGNAL alongside Twilio Video WebRTC Go Rooms, it's applicable to all Twilio Video Room types. Video Log Analyzer stores the Room and Participant information for Rooms that ended in the past 2 days for Twilio Video WebRTC Go Rooms and past 7 …

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  • By Michael Carpenter
    Improve Call Experience with New Twilio Conference Jitter Buffer Controls jitter buffer conference blog.png

    Twilio Conference uses a jitter buffer to smooth out irregularity in media packet arrival times when mixing audio for conference participants. This buffer results in fewer audio artifacts, but introduces a fixed delay for the audio of each participant.

    If a participant suffers from extremely high jitter (commonly seen using applications or browsers on WiFi networks), the jitter buffer may swell to compensate, causing their media to be significantly delayed. Once the jitter buffer has grown, it will not shrink - even if the jitter is eliminated on the media stream. At sizes greater than ~250ms the jitter buffer can be perceived by the participants as audio latency.

    Twilio customers have communicated their interest in gaining visibility into the jitter buffer behavior and gaining programmatic means to control it. With this in mind we have added a jitterBufferSize parameter to conferences that allows the buffer setting to be configured enabling …

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  • By Michael Carpenter
    Announcing General Availability of Voice Insights: Call quality and performance data at your fingertips Voice Insights Blog Header

    Understanding the quality and the performance of your voice calls is critical to ensuring great customer experiences. Bad call experiences lead to frustrated customers, lost relationships, and have a real financial impact on businesses. However, call quality issues have traditionally been hard to troubleshoot because of the opaqueness that comes standard in the telephony industry, often referred to as the “black box of telephony.”

    Voice Insights is a big data analytics platform that captures data from every single call that takes place on the Twilio platform, giving unparalleled visibility into call quality and call performance. We feel empowering customers with this level of visibility should be the standard, not the exception. That’s why we are now including Voice Insights with every Twilio voice minute, at no extra cost.

    With Voice Insights we set out to demystify the traditional black box and provide total visibility into every call that takes place …

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