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  • By Alina Libova Cohen
    Keep a Journal of Special Moments using Twilio Programmable SMS and Google Sheets Keep a Journal of Special Moments using Twilio Programmable SMS and Google Sheets

    "It’s amazing how easy it is to forget the magical little moments you assumed would get tattooed on your brain." I read in Matthew Dick's article on how to remember more of your kid's childhood and couldn't help nodding along.

    My toddler recently turned two and a half and my second daughter was born three weeks ago, so special moments are abundant but the ability to remember them is severely compromised. His suggestion of recording a memory every day in an Excel sheet or leather bound journal resonated with me, but after a few days of trying to find time to open up Excel and write a memory I realized I needed a more lightweight solution. Texting, especially with the voice dictation feature, has always been my favorite medium, and Twilio makes it easy and cheap to set up a dedicated phone number that can record those text messages to …

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  • By Ryan Kubik
    TwilioQuest Authoring: Play Community Content and Build Your Own TwilioQuest Authoring Play Community Content and Build Your Own.png

    Share Custom Content with Extensions

    TwilioQuest 3.2 ships with a big new feature called “Extensions”. With this feature, you can now load in missions, maps, and objects created by the TwilioQuest community alongside Twilio authored content. This means you can now build your own content too!

    At a high level, an extension is one root folder composed of a series of folders containing images, scripts, and maps. TwilioQuest reads all of this information from extensions you've installed to create new missions for you to play.

    We build all of the bundled content in TwilioQuest with these extensions too. You can check out how we built every mission in the game on the TwilioQuest Github account.

    Extensions Gallery

    To help you discover new community content to play, we've built an Extensions Gallery as well. This gallery lets you or anyone else submit a TwilioQuest extension straight to the TwilioQuest team …

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  • By Vanessa Thompson
    What you Missed from Messaging at SIGNAL 2021 MESSAGING FOR A NEW ERA (1).png

    This blog post contains spoilers announced at SIGNAL, Twilio’s Developer and Customer conference. Watch the session which occured SIGNAL TV on Thursday October 21st, 10:00 PM Pacific or continue reading to hear what developer tools and features were announced.

    Yesterday, we announced Twilio MessagingX, one platform for the next decade of business messaging. We also shipped a ton of new features to power messaging in a trusted ecosystem with more ways to reach consumers than ever. Here’s the rundown of the biggest ships to help you reach more consumers with messaging.

    Engagement in a trusted ecosystem

    From the very beginning, our goal was to deal with the complexity of the carrier and telecommunications ecosystem head-on so that developers could do what they do best – innovate. There is no bigger shift in the US carrier ecosystem than the shift to the US A2P 10DLC routes – and we approached …

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  • By Twilio
    Win a Pair of Twilio Coding Gloves at SIGNAL 2021 Coding Gloves Giveaway SIGNAL 2021

    Twilio helps design and scale the ideal customer engagement experience for your application. And, in some instances, Twilio also helps clothe you – delivering high-quality swag along with communications at scale.

    Ever since our developer-CEO Jeff Lawson revealed a set of coding gloves at SIGNAL 2019, they've been the most-requested piece of Twilio swag. This year at SIGNAL 2021, our customer & developer conference, we're thrilled to announce that we're giving away 250 pairs of Twilio coding gloves.

    Coding gloves and Twilio

    During the keynote on Day 1 of SIGNAL in 2019, Twilio's Ben Stein introduced the world to Twilio's CLI... and Jeff introduced the world to his coding gloves.

    Jeff faced off against Darlene Volas while building a trio of Twilio applications – Darlene benefited from Twilio's CLI's advanced features and templates while Jeff coded up a new Twilio app from scratch.

    Jeff Lawson with his Twilio coding gloves at SIGNAL 2021

    Despite Jeff's cool coding gloves, …

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  • By Sean Coleman
    Build High Quality Video Experiences at Scale with Video Insights, Now in Public Beta Build High Quality Video Experiences at Scale with Video Insights, Now in Public Beta

    We’re thrilled to announce that Video Insights is now available in Public Beta!

    Video Insights brings self-service tooling to the Twilio Console to help you observe application usage and quality, discover trends across all your rooms and participants, and troubleshoot issues with ease, leading to higher quality video experiences for your customers, reduced churn, and increased confidence in scaling rapidly.

    Twilio strives to provide the best possible developer experience for our customers. This means providing a platform and a toolkit to build innovative video experiences and accelerate time-to-market, but it also means providing the tooling needed to scale your service quickly and reliably, and to do so without sacrificing the quality of experience for your customers. Greater transparency into usage and video call quality has been one of the biggest requests from our customers, and because we only succeed when our customers succeed, we’re excited to announce that Video Insights …

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  • By Nupur Bhade Vilas
    Introducing Twilio Engage: The First Growth Platform Built on Top of a CDP SIGNAL Twilio Engage hero
    • The first growth automation platform for the digital era
    • Combines Twilio Segment’s world-class customer data platform with Twilio’s robust communication APIs
    • Now accepting requests for limited access private beta

    For more than 12 years, Twilio's been building the world’s leading cloud communication platform. But our vision is about more than communication: it's about end-to-end customer engagement, ultimately providing businesses with the holy grail – hyper-personalized communications at every step of the customer journey.

    Understanding your customers is critical to a successful customer engagement strategy, but information about those customers – what they browsed, when they bought, how they used your apps and websites, and more – is usually siloed across dozens of software systems inside your company.

    When Twilio acquired Segment back in November 2020, our goal was to bring customer data into the hands of builders so they could unlock delightful experiences for their customers.

    That’s why we’re so …

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  • By Twilio
    Twilio MessagingX: Powering the next decade of business messaging MessagingXheader.png

    In July 2020, we launched the (new) “ridiculously simple” way to build messaging experiences with Twilio, offering developers a simplified and unified API to reliably send messages anywhere in the world. Since then, you’ve amazed us with new and innovative ways to use messaging, sending and receiving more than 127 billion messages on Twilio in the last 12 months.

    Today, we’re excited to launch Twilio MessagingX – our next generation messaging platform designed to build deeper relationships through trusted, high-quality messaging that gives consumers choice. As we move into an era where consumers demand control over when and where businesses communicate with them, the Twilio MessagingX platform is your foundation for the next decade in trust, quality, and choice.

    What you can do with Twilio MessagingX
    1. Build deeper trust with your consumers by using features like message body redaction and Advanced Opt-out, and accessing trusted ecosystems through the Twilio Trust …
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  • By Ander Telleria
    Twilio Live is Now Generally Available Twilio Live is Now Generally Available

    Today, and coinciding with SIGNAL, Twilio’s virtual customer and developer conference, we are excited to announce that Twilio Live is now generally available!

    Twilio Live gives developers the tools to build live interactive experiences that can be directly embedded into their applications. With Twilio Live, developers have access to a low-latency, secure live streaming platform that allows speakers to reach an audience of millions while providing an intuitive end-to-end developer experience, including flexible server-side API primitives, and client SDKs for iOS, Android, and JavaScript.

    What developers are building with Twilio Live

    Since launching in Private Beta in July, developers and organizations of all sizes from around the world have expressed interest in Twilio Live. In conversations with these customers, we’ve found that interactive experiences are expanding far beyond the limited use cases of the past.

    In just a few months, we’ve had customers come to us with a variety …

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  • By Mia Adjei
    Build a Livestreaming Application with Twilio Live and Express Build a Livestreaming Application with Twilio Live and Express

    Twilio Live is finally here! If you have ever wanted to build your own livestreaming application, now is your chance.

    In this tutorial, you will learn how to build a livestreaming application and share your live video feed with your friends, followers, and maybe even the world. For this project, you'll be using Node.js and Express to build the server side of the application, and vanilla JavaScript on the client side.

    Let's get started!


    • A free Twilio account. (If you register here, you'll receive $10 in Twilio credit when you upgrade to a paid account!)
    • Node.js v14+ and npm installed on your machine.
    • ngrok

    What you will build

    In this tutorial, you will be creating an application that allows a person to livestream video and audio from their device to people who have the link to the stream. The Express server you'll build will handle both the streamer …

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  • By Paul Kamp
    History of the Twilio Coding Gloves History of Coding Gloves Hero

    This year, October is SIGNAL-season – that's Twilio's customer and developer conference. Amidst the incredible product launches and announcements, there's another eagerly anticipated launch: our first full-run of Twilio coding gloves.

    Long desired by fans (and employees!), the oft-rumored Twilio coding gloves have had quite a journey to their perfect fit as the star swag at this year's show. I set out to trace our coding gloves' gripping history and share how Twilio grabbed the opportunity and shipped a beta version of coding gloves to production this year.

    Later on SIGNAL TV, learn how you might get your hands on a pair. Read to the end for a link to details.

    The Twilio coding glove grand entrance

    Twilio's coding gloves first made their way to the stage... on the stage at SIGNAL 2019.

    Twilio's Ben Stein refereed a coding challenge between our developer-CEO Jeff Lawson, our Director of …

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