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  • By Charles Oduk
    Create Transactional Emails you can Reply to in PHP with Twilio SendGrid Inbound Parse Replyable Transactional Emails in PHP with Twilio SendGrid Inbound Parse

    You’ve probably received many emails sent in the format noreply@somedomain.com. The irony of no-reply emails are that they often contain information that we would like to respond to. It would be great for businesses sending transactional emails to empower customers to respond to these emails.

    Allowing replies to transactional emails is now possible with Twilio SendGrid. This tutorial will teach you how to use Twilio SendGrid Inbound Parse to place a second order to a mock e-commerce store, by replying to a transactional email.

    Tutorial Requirements

    This tutorial will require the following dependencies:

    Create a Development Environment

    From your console window, create a new project directory. Add three files to the newly created directory:

    • Webhook.php
    • Email.php
    • .env
    $ mkdir SendGrid && cd SendGrid
    $ touch Webhook.php Email.php .env

    Install Dependencies

    This project will require …

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  • By Miguel Grinberg
    Introducing Python Developer Miguel Grinberg Miguel Grinberg

    Hello everyone, my name is Miguel Grinberg, and I am super excited to join the Developer Voices team at Twilio.

    I have a Masters degree in Computer Science, and for the last few years I’ve been active in open source, mostly within the Python community. I live in a small rural village in Ireland. This is the peaceful and relaxing view that I have from my home office window:

    The view from my home office window

    I Love Code

    The main thing you need to know about me is that since my teenage years I have been a coder, and the more I code the more I like it.

    I learned to code writing video games in the BASIC programming language, on Texas Instruments and Commodore home computers. In those pre-Internet days there wasn’t much of a choice in computer languages, so after being unhappy with the lag in some of my BASIC games I taught myself …

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  • By Jess Seok
    New Rich Features Support Deeper Customer Engagement on WhatsApp New rich messaging features support deeper customer engagement on Twilio API for WhatsApp

    In August 2018, we launched the Twilio API for Whatsapp, enabling developers to reach their users directly in Whatsapp, using the same API they use for SMS. With over 1.6 billion monthly active users on WhatsApp, the Twilio API for Whatsapp allows you to meet your users where they are, in countries across LATAM, EMEA, and Southeast Asia where Whatsapp is the default messaging medium. 

    Starting today, the Twilio API for WhatsApp supports read receipts and location messages, making one of the most popular rich messaging applications even more powerful.

    Deliverability Insights to Improve Campaigns

    In the world of SMS, insight into messaging often stops at deliverability. If you’re already building on the Twilio platform, you’ve likely used status callbacks or delivery receipts (DLRs) to help understand the efficacy of your messaging application. But that information can only go so far. You can see whether the message was accepted …

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  • By Felistas Ngumi
    Serverless SMS Messaging using JavaScript and Twilio Functions Serverless SMS Messaging using JavaScript and Twilio Functions

    Function As A Service is a solution that allows developers to develop, deploy, and run event-driven functions in the cloud that are fully managed. Without the need for maintaining infrastructure, "serverless" architecture is achieved. In this tutorial, you will learn how to send Twilio Programmable SMS using the new Twilio CLI.

    Project Setup

    You will need the following items in order to get started:

    1. A Twilio account
    2. Twilio CLI
    3. Node Version 8 and above.

    Getting Started

    First, install the Twilio CLI. I'm currently using version 1.8.1. Run the following command in your preferred terminal if on a Mac:

    $ brew tap twilio/brew && brew install twilio

    If you are on a different platform, you can find the setup instructions here.

    To confirm a successful installation of the CLI has occurred, type twilio in a new terminal session and the output below should appear.

    Twilio CLI console

    Login to your Twilio account by …

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  • By Charlie Weems
    Building a Disaster Response Contact Center with Twilio Flex Copy of Generic Blog Header 4.png

    What would you do if you had 48 hours before a major hurricane makes landfall nearby? You’d probably buy water and food, or maybe even evacuate to another location. Building a contact center might not be the first thing that comes to mind, but communications are more important than ever in a disaster. In the crucial few moments immediately before and after disasters strike, a developer who can rapidly build and deploy a contact center can literally save lives and help ensure people at risk can get the help they need right when they need it.

    While many communities already have disaster plans in place, the scale and frequency of natural disasters has increased to the point where local nonprofits, communities, and even individual volunteers can find themselves in the thick of things needing to scale up a contact center in hours, not days or months.

    In this post, we’ll …

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  • By Kedar Toraskar
    Announcing General Availability of Twilio Narrowband General Availability Twilio Narrowband

    We are excited to announce: Twilio Narrowband is now Generally Available (GA). 

    Twilio Narrowband is the first developer platform in the United States that provides access to the T-Mobile Narrowband (or NB-IoT) network. T-Mobile USA is the first network to deploy NB-IoT in the U.S. and today its network is operational nationwide. The Twilio Narrowband platform includes narrowband SIMs, a developer kit, and a breakout SDK, all designed to work with the T-Mobile NB-IoT network.  

    What is Narrowband IoT (or NB-IoT)?

    NB-IoT is a Low Power Wide Area (LPWA) network technology that is purpose built for IoT, which means it can handle massive numbers of connected devices and is able to achieve deeper penetration of cellular coverage. It is specifically designed for the majority of IoT devices that don't need a lot of bandwidth, are insensitive to latency and need to conserve battery power for a long period of time. …

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  • By Jessica Diedrich
    Ann Arbor District Library Reimagines the Summer Reading Program with SMS AADL header

    Are you part of a nonprofit or social enterprise that wants to build things for social good? Twilio.org offers credits and discounts to help you get started! Learn more.

    Based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, the Ann Arbor District Library serves over 160,000 residents from diverse socioeconomic backgrounds. In addition to offering access to borrowing books, DVDs, and educational materials, the library hosts hundreds of events per year and a summer reading program for kids.

    The summer reading program has long been a staple summer activity for children, but a few years ago, library staff found that the program wasn’t keeping kids engaged throughout the summer. Eli Neiburger, Deputy Director at the District Library explains, “Kids only had to read 10 books and then they were done reading for the summer. Some kids were completing the program in just a few days. The program was having the opposite of its …

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  • By Daizen Ikehara
    自己紹介:池原大然ーJapan Developer Evangelistとして入社しました 池原大然 - ヘッダー


    Introducing Twilio Developer Evangelist Daizen Ikehara


    私自身は正確に覚えていませんが、ゲームをより効率的に攻略できるものであったと記憶しています。これまで、Diablo、Ultima Online、EverQuestと行ったオンラインゲーム黎明期のビッグタイトルをプレイしてきました。(いわゆるネットゲーム廃人と呼ばれた人種かもしれません)しばらく離れていたのですが、昨年、約10年ぶりにEverQuestに復帰し、以前ほどではありませんが時間を見つけてはプレイしています。これまでにメインキャラクターをプレイした総「日数」は532日を記録しており、これはEverQuestをこれまでに12,768時間プレイしてきたことになります。みなさんはひとつのゲームを長期間に渡って遊ばれた経験はおありでしょうか?

    Daizen - EverQuest(JP)


    Daizen - Hello(JP)

    本題に戻ると、私は10年以上グラフィカルユーザーインターフェース(GUI)を専門としてきました。大学のコースでJava Swingを用いた画面構築が初めての体験でした。当時はコントロールの追加や配置をコードで直接行うという必要があり、試行錯誤していたのを覚えています。開発者体験はお世辞にも良いものとは言えませんでした。

    その後、在学中にRADツールである、Visual Studioに出会いました。Visual Studioはデザイン画面でツールボックスからコントロールをドラッグ&ドロップしUIを構築することができます。ものの数分で素晴らしい(あるいは最低限の)UIを持ったアプリケーションを作れるという体験は非常に新鮮でした。








    その中でも北海道で主に活動されている「CLR/H」さんの勉強会にお邪魔させていただいた際の体験は非常にユニークなものでした。その勉強会は「カソウ化デイ」と呼ばれており、仮装をしつつ、 「仮想化」についてのセッションをするという一風変わったものでした。まさに「カソウ化」ですね。私はピンクのうさぎさんのコスチュームでセッションに登壇させていただき、その日はその格好で過ごすことになりました。米国の「フレンズ」というドラマをご覧になったことがあれば、登場人物の「チャンドラー 」も同じような格好をしていましたね。かぶりものをしてコードを書くという体験はおそらく初めてだったと記憶しています。

    Daizen - CLR/H

    さらに、コミュニティの一員としての活動を続けたことで、2010年4月から2017年7月まで7回にわたってMicrosoft MVPを受賞することもできました。Microsoft MVPをいただけたことで開発者コミュニティでの認知度が上がり、新しいコミュニティで登壇する機会も増えました。また、米国、レドモンドにあるMicorosoft本社を訪問し、世界各国のMVP達と友好を深めるという大変貴重な機会も持つことができました。残念ながら現在は受賞期間を終えてしまいましたが、機会があればまた挑戦したいと考えています。




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  • By Corey Weathers
    Tips for Getting Started with Blazor Tips for Getting Started with Blazor

    As a .NET developer, I've been excited to explore all of the great things that came with the release of .NET Core 3.0. I have spent time playing with one of the newly launched technologies, Blazor, which allows me to build web applications targeting web assembly using HTML, CSS and C#. 

    In my excitement, I went to see what the fuss was about. Following the instructions on Blazor.net, I updated Visual Studio 2019, installed the Blazor project templates, created a new Blazor app project, and then realized there were some choices I needed to make in order to build my shiny Blazor web application. As I made some choices and got going with my project I continued to see more and more places where I wished some things had already existed to help make development easier. 

    As a result, I've put together this list of tips to help sort …

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  • By Annie Benitez Pelaez
    Announcing Country specific Guidelines for placing Voice calls around the globe image (1).png

    Today, we’re excited to introduce global Voice Country Guidelines. It’s an online resource that spells out the different rules and best practices for placing Voice calls around the world. It’s available today on our website.

    While placing a Voice call to someone in another country seems pretty straightforward, navigating the intricacies of Voice calling in any given country around the globe is actually quite tricky. 

    For starters, different countries and carriers have different definitions of what acceptable traffic profiles are.  For example, the percentage of short duration calls is one key indicator of SPAM or Fraudulent calling for many carriers. Carriers in the United States might consider a short duration call to be one that lasts less than 12 seconds, whilst in China many Carriers consider them short if they last less than 3 minutes! 

    It's also very important to understand Voice calling feature support in each Country where …

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